February 26th, 2012

Sadhana – ‘Burqawali’


Sadhana in Burqa

A friend presented a ‘burqa’ to Sadhana[1][2], much to her annoyance. She didn’t believe that she would ever use the gift till one day she felt particularly bored. So she got into the ‘burqa’ and got her girl friend Queenie to do the same by borrowing the garment from a Muslim friend. Thus hiding their identities, the two girls walked to the Khar[3] suburban railway-station and boarded a train for Churchgate.

The compartment was crowded with college boys and girls, engrossed in a discussion about Indian films and film stars. Sadhana was particularly amused when one of the girls described a lead-player as “the star who has an appeal for males as well as females.” But she was shocked when one of them gossiped about her association with a matinee idol.

“I felt like slapping the idiot,” said Sadhana. “But I was helpless.”

Arriving at Churchgate, the ‘purda’ girls hired a victoria and went to Chowpatty. While they were enjoying pani puri[4], they noticed two ruffians[5] hovering behind them. They left the vendor in a hurry, but the ruffians followed them. When the girls spotted a taxi and ran towards it, the ruffians started running after them. In their hurry, to get into the taxi, Sadhana’s ‘burqa’ slipped off her head. One of the ruffians shouted to the other. “This is Sadhana! I knew they weren’t real ‘purda’ girls!”

That was the last of the ‘burqa’; so far as Sadhana was concerned. (Filmfare April 20th, 1962)

[1] 1960s Indian actress Sadhana Shivdasani.

[2] Burqawali (in the headline) means a woman in burqa.

[3] This and the other site names show this is in Mumbai.

[4] 'Paani puri' is a famous Indian street side snack.

[5] Ruffian: A violent person, especially one involved in crime (Oxford Dictionary).

Source: Cineplot.com

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