Day Out for two Veiled "Ladies"

by Rashed & Latifa


"Wake up husband," I hear my wife Latifa's voice calling me softly as I lay in my bed. I am Rashed, aged 27, and I am happily married to my wife Latifa who is 23 years old and the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. My wife is perfect, our love knows no bounds and most importantly both of us have similar minds and we have been enjoying the same fetish for nearly two years, that is since we got married. My fetish is veiling. Since I was born in an Arab Gulf state I had seen and been around veiled women all my life. The veiled women have always intrigued me and I have for long had that wild idea of being veiled as a women and living in strict purdah and restrictions like some women in my city do in everyday life. But my veiling did not fully begin until I was married. I shared my thoughts with Latifa and she was ready to accept my fetish and share it with me.

Today we have made a daring plan. We plan to have a day out together.We have done this many times before. Then I dress up in a shirt and pants or the traditional male clothing "kandura" while Latifa wears a black abaya, mostly with a black hijab and a hijab cap under her hijab. She doesn't always wear veils but when she sometimes does it is mainly the Gulf style "full niqab" which has several layers that can be used to cover the eyes too. However today is special because instead of one veiled woman two will be out together. Rashed will be dressed in full purdah and be out with his wife Latifa also in full purdah.The very thought of this day ahead has kept me awake all night.


I wake up, quickly has a shower and with my towel around my waist came out of the bathroom to be dressed for my day out. Latifa is already waiting for me fully dressed. She is wearing black abaya,hijab and a half niqab to show nothing but her two eyes and two hands. She takes my towel away and begins to dress me lovingly.

First she makes me wear her black panties and a black bra stuffed with cotton to give me a breast. Then she makes me wear a long pink maxi dress that comes down to my ankles. It is beautiful and expensive but It did not need to be so as no one will see it under my over garments that I will soon wear to maintain purdah. She makes me wear a black wig next and ties the hair in a tight bun at the back of my head. She then tells me that when we are out it will only be her who speaks if necessary as my voice might give me away. I agree. She then makes me wear a long black over-head abaya. The minute I wear it I feel like I am in a different world. She then makes me wear a black hijab cap to cover my hair and on top of it I wear a black hijab that reaches down below my chest thus covering this alluring body part as required under purdah.Than she ties a black full niqab to cover my face completely. I have the mesh down so my eyes are covered too and I feel imprisoned behind the bulk of all these layers of clothing. I can only see the world through the mesh of the niqab, and I fail to breathe free air as all air needs to pass through the veiling covering my face, nose and mouth. The full niqab severely restricts my vision and makes me feel confined and defeated by the rules of society. I wonder if the women all feel the same. I then wear black gloves and black socks thus covering every inch of my skin with layers of fabric. I am in full purdah now. I look at myself in the mirror and what I see surely is not me but an honorable lady in strict purdah. The layers of purdah is evidence of how honorable she is.


Latifa opens the door of our house and walks out closely followed by me. The fear and thrill of being discovered and the prospect of a day out as a veiled lady is too much for me, I have a sexual erection under the layers of my abaya which luckily prevents it from being detected by others. While walking down the stairs I find this is difficult while wearing an abaya as I repeatedly trip in its hem and the veils make me fail to see the stairs clearly. Soon we are out of the building where the sun is bright but my vision still remain a bit dark due to the veil. Latifa calls a taxi as we planned to visit the shopping mall. The taxi driver holds the door open for us as we enter the car. I notice how the taxi driver is avoiding physical contact with me as he should with a woman. The thought of me being a woman is amazing. We soon reach the mall and walk into the lift. Inside the lift it is crammed with other shoppers including three other men, who respectfully try to avoid body contact with me, while a lady in a hijab and abaya actually moves even closer to me and touches me slightly in her attempt to avoid the men.The feeling is beautiful. We do some shopping and have some food. I eat under the veil holding the veil a bit apart from my mouth but not enough apart for others to see my face. It is difficult to eat as I am not used to eat while veiled so I stain my niqab.

Overall it is an amazing day and by the time we return home I realize I have had one of my best veiling experiences yet.