Women who veiled for me

by Mr. A_B

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Around 2009 in the month of may a girl named Hosiana from Kiev, Ukraine found me on Skype and we decided to be friends. She was a pleasant person, a student of music and a deeply religious Orthodox Christian with a spiritual bent of mind. They live in an apartment off the outskirts of Kiev and her mother is a nurse. Her father was an engineer who unfortunately has passed away in 2010. But the background aside, as me and H talked through the chat over time our mutual attraction grew and grew till one day a friend of mine from Bangalore decided to coax me into making Hosiana wear a veil. Honestly, I did not disapprove of the idea either and decided to go ahead with it. I requested Hosiana to try out veiling with a scarf as most young women of my city do


where they tie it nice and smugly over their faces revealing the eyes and nothing else save but a tuft of hair behind their heads. The lame excuse for dressing like this of course is "the pollution" but if you ask me it makes no sense in one of India's cleanest cities :-P . That being aside.

After that request for one pic I found that Hosiana had took seven such pics of herself for me.

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Later on I shared it with my friend from Bangalore Niran who was also a veil fetishist like me and had a muslim girlfriend who always stayed veiled. Later on I decided to let the two talk with each other. At that moment my friendship with Hosiana wasn't as deep and any feeling of love was far off. As it happened, this would be my worst mistake as that friend broke all bounds of decency and made lewd remarks at my Hosiana... after that I managed to save her from him and helped her deflect Niran. A punch in his face was in order but that came much later when I visited his city. Nevertheless after that moment me and Hosiana suddenly had a change inside of us and how we viewed each other. The way in which I reacted at my ex-friend's behaviour towards Hosiana made me think of what I really felt for her. The pictures of her in the veil influenced these feelings further. That night I gathered my wits to conclude that I might just love her.

A week later came my proposal. The romance online had begun which I shall regret forever after. She would veil for me still just one more time in a manner similar to Katrina Kaif in the film Namaste London.

katrin kaif

She did do it, but after that last veil, she would do no more. She had grown a distaste towards it after the episode with Niran. Our relations started to sour more and more as time went by and differences of opinions and world view and not to mention, distance, travel costs and pointless visa restrictions kept us away and away and we drifted apart. Till one night she finally broke up with me. Sentiments of love and kindness in me now started to be replaced by hate and anger. The anger however was as I know realized was immature and grossly misplaced as was my love towards her. After Hosiana I conversed with some more slavic women with the usual odd request of the veil over their face. The reason why I kept asking them for this strange request ? ( neither Hosiana nor any of my other friends ever found out about my fetishes ) Because I could not forget the first time I had asked Hosiana to veil for me and she did. That beautiful face covered in that fabric revealing the beauty of her eyes was simply too much to forget. I simply had to get this or at least something close to it.

Irina did wear a headscarf for me and as did a Georgian named Alinka. Later on I found an American girl requesting 'dares' on YouTube and I placed my request for seeing her veiled in the Pune style.

pune style

Unsurprisingly she complied and veiled herself rather well. I did manage to strike a friendship with her and she was rather charmed with our conversations. Nevertheless I lost interest in her eventually and we simply stopped talking. Around the same time I made friends with a South African girl named Jackie, whom I can call till this date my closest and most trustworthy female friend. There is no deep seated or pointlessly complex affair of love relations attached with her and we can be as free as we want to be with each other and share our deepest thoughts with each other. Without her I might have just gone mad and filled with complete hatred towards womankind as a whole. She veiled for me too but not only that. She both veiled herself and gagged herself underneath her veil. She disliked the experience but as she herself had a suffocation fetish at the time and a fetish for strangulation and breath play, she did like the feeling it induced on her face making breathing restricted for her. I reciprocated with complying with some of her requests too and played some self-bondage for her and self-strangulation. She particularly enjoyed me naked as she likes hairy men. But even with this extremely open relationship I have with her, I still reminisce over Hosiana and her veil. An inkling of vengeance often influences my thinking about her when I imagine her in strict bondage and extreme modesty. Perhaps as a punishment for dumping me. The city I live in where women always as a habit and partly as a fashion veil themselves to protect against the dust and heat only reminds me of her more and more and our first veil encounter. I sometimes imagine her as one of the students veiled walking along the pavements or riding in their scooters.

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