My Burqa

by Elisa María

A regular visitor and contributor to Tales of the Veils has written to us about her love affair with her burqa.

My Burqa

My burqa is a wonderful dress. It covers my body, an
errant curtain, a combo cloth that covers and it
protects my femininity. My burqa is a dress very easy
of dressing. In only one minute it is covering me. He
slides smoothly for my body like a second skin. It is
a second skin.

When putting on me, the wide pleats wave, they float
with the air and their weight allows to fall below and
to caress the floor and my feet or shoes with the
border of the hem. I see dark among an enormous ocean
of silky cloth as skirt that is not held in the waist
but in my head and then I can see a flash of light for
the mesh window from inside.

Now I become an anonymous figure, a cloth figure, I
feel as a globe that moves or walks, I move as ghost
without feet that it can be black, white, green, gray
or another color. I look this way from inside. But
inside of it is another reality. I don't see myself
how it is. From inside of I can only see through the
holes of the mesh and me I adjust the cloth with my
hands and me I push the pleats of the cloth with my
feet when walking.

I have to wait some minutes to adapt and to be able to
guide me and to walk inside my errant cocoon. I have
already had compliments toward my burqa, because the
boys want to guess what class of being inhabits inside
the mass of undulant and sensual clothes.

My parents criticized me, they were intolerant, but
now they give me advice and they suggest new burqa
styles like a new fashion. I feel that I am the soul
of my burqa. My burqa and I are like a symbiosis. Now
I feel naked if seen not it. It is pleasant to feel
the body all covered with cloth. My burqa is purity,
religiosity, modesty, fidelity, honesty, honor,

Elisa María