This story contains graphic sexual elements and thus is unsuitable for minors. Turn back now if you are under eighteen years of age!


by 'Trussir'

Paige was awakened by the flash of sunlight glittering between the trees outside the bedroom window. Golden sparkles danced before her half open eyes, distorted and hazed by the light veil she wore for sleeping. She stirred, wanting and yet not wanting to meet the day, and felt the now-familiar shock of her hands being held by the snug, comfortable restraints she had grown to love. She looked up from her pillow, to see her Master's face before her, looking down.

He was holding the Sunday paper, sitting up, trying to read, but she could sense his eyes wandering over to her stretched-out, near naked body. She rolled on her side, facing him, and curled up kittenlike into a ball. She thanked him, silently, for not tying her feet to the end of the bed: great for love and submission, but tough to sleep.

As she looked up, she smiled; even in her half-dozing state, she knew the power of the shy grin that she had perfected over the last two years. He reached over, absently fondling the edge of her ear through the thin silk of her veil. She turned her head and kissed his fingers, as thoughts of the previous day flooded back into her mind like a warm ocean wave......

It had been two years, yesterday, since they had accepted each other as Master and Slave. In a brief but painful ceremony with a few close friends, they had renewed their promises, she had served him wine on her knees, and kissed his boots; each man present struck her with a crop, and each submissive woman, on her knees, had kissed her intimately on the lips and each nipple.

He had proceeded then to cover her body with lashes, until she broke down weeping. He had not bound her, and she did not break position, not even to wipe her tears. With his boot he pushed her to the floor, onto her back. Like a limp doll, she complied, shaking with fear and delight. As he whipped her breasts with a softer whip, he ordered her to touch her pussy - hard, just as she liked it. Before the assembled group, she dissolved into a mass of orgasmic joyful flesh, quivering and jumping uncontrollably at each touch. Now, she remembered each moment, savoring its pains and pleasures....

"I love you Ma..." she began to say, and with a shock remembered her orders from the previous night: it was to be a silent day. She was not to speak unless she was in pain. Any amount of pain would do, and it could be self inflicted, as long as the rule was obeyed. They had had days like this before, and she loved the game, coming to him with her nipple between her fingers, squeezing as she spoke.

Once, she had rattled on for two hours, talking about everything she could think of, while Master scrambled to find ways of hurting her; he could have ordered her to shut up, or gagged her, but he understood the pleasure she received both from her own submission and from winning at his own game, and went along with it until he was overcome with desire. That had been a particularly memorable night of love, as he chastised her for topping from the bottom, and she laughed and wept and came and came and came....

But now his smile disappeared and his eyes hardened into the dom stare that she still feared. "I'm sorry, Master, I forgot", she wailed in real alarm as he reached for the leather paddle that hung by the bed.

He said nothing, as she positioned herself for punishment. "If I am to suffer for speaking, then I will say I love you, Sir", she said, almost formally. She knew that words of affection would not decrease her discipline, but it thrilled her to be giving love in the face of his punishing dominance. She was careful, however, to make sure that her Master saw her biting her finger, hard, before she spoke; that way, the rule was not broken again. Obeying, she felt small and conquered and loved.

Instinctively, she raised her ass in the air to give her loving Master a clear shot at the right cheek; she whimpered as the leather struck skin, and again as the flesh on the other side was punished by the backhand stroke.

Twice more he repeated the lashing, just enough to send a hot stinging glow through her body that subsided into a yearning warmth. Being in pain, she was free to speak. "Thank you, my Master" she whispered. Realizing the punishment was over, she crawled around to face him, a little clumsily with her bound hands and on the soft yielding surface of the bed.

She lay down, curled again, with her veiled face against his hip, and her hands in a position of prayer, softly kissing his side as he returned to the paper.


Paige drifted off to a hazy sleep. At some point, her Master's hand touched her body, stroking and reassuring her, filling her again with the happiness of being accepted and owned by him.

He squeezed her upper arm gently, to wake her. The bedroom door opened and Tonia, the slave/maid entered with breakfast on a large tray. A short, muscular but slightly heavy young woman, almost butchy yet pretty, Tonia had come to them for training , in the hope of her eventually finding a good Master.

Paige had been a little leery of the arrangement, and the Master had asked her feelings on the matter. Although they were Master and slave, they easily slipped into and out of the roles, and were often friends, companions and occasionally, adversaries. Master had overruled her, she took his decision gracefully, and, to her surprise, Paige found the girl pleasant and as submissive as herself. Although Tonia was good looking and always dressed in a manner both subservient and erotic, and the Master was often excited about her, there was never any cause for jealousy on Paige's part. Tonia was often bound in their bedroom as they played, sometimes sleeping on the floor at the foot of their bed, sometimes locked in a cage or to a wall, frequently suffering under Master's whips as much as Paige. But the love and the sexy cuddling belonged exclusively to Paige, and she reveled in her Master's faithfulness to her.

Paige heard the slave's footsteps as the heels of her short laced-up boots clicked on the polished hardwood, then were muffled by the carpeting that surrounded the bed. The tray was set down on the top of a large lacquered wood chest - the same nineteenth century travel chest she had lovingly restored and given to her Master to keep their loose toys. She often thought about the chest's original owner, probably a proper corseted Victorian lady. Or maybe not so proper: the women of those times knew how to treat their men, she thought, and perhaps the lady would have smiled in approval and understanding. Tonia brought wooden bed trays from the large closet, and waited for the Master and his lady to sit up.

The Master set aside his paper, and Paige rolled over slowly, stretching as far as her bonds would allow. She smiled at Tonia, who stood silent by the bed, and struggled to a sitting position. Master unfastened the light golden chain that held her sleeping veil in place; the chain acted like a drawstring around her neck, letting the veil stay comfortably loose, but impossible to slip off. It was the firmest rule in the household that none of the women ever completely uncovered their faces. While Paige had thought it strange at first, she grew to love her masks, veils and hoods to the point that it felt unthinkable to be barefaced with her Master. Of course, when in the outside world, she was unveiled, except for the sunglasses she wore constantly as a reminder and substitute for the rule. Somehow, the discipline of covering her face, with its mystery and symbolism of submission, made her feel exotic and erotic and totally subservient and owned.

Tonia, too, had to obey the rule, and she took to it as enthusiastically as her mistress. But as she set out the breakfast on the lap tables, Paige noted something was different. As she pulled up her thin veil, carefully leaving the hem draped over her eyes, she realized that Tonia had her face completely covered in a tight black latex mask that outlined the contours of her cheeks, lips, and chin, leaving only tiny breathing holes at her nostrils, and a fine mesh over her eyes; the mask stopped just above her eyebrows, and below her chin. It looked alien and exotic, matching the shiny black of her corset and boots. Her blonde hair, loose about her head, contrasted beautifully with the soft blackness. But it was not what she usually wore in the morning, and this puzzled Paige. Instead of putting on the simple gag she preferred to wear while doing her domestic duties, Tonia had deliberately covered her eyes, severely restricting her vision and making her tasks more difficult.

Paige felt a moment's suspicion. "Is the slave trying to out-submit me with the Master?", she asked herself silently. Neither woman could speak, Paige due to her Master's command, and Tonia because of the tightness of her mask. To Paige's relief, Master also looked intently at Tonia and seized her gently by the upper arm.

"Nice mask" he said, smiling. "perhaps a little impractical at this point, wouldn't you say?"

"No Sir. Yes Sir. Thank you Sir" she stammered, the words distorted and muffled.

"Perhaps we should unveil...." he answered.

"But the Rule, Sir...." she moaned.

At that point, despite her limited sight, she saw his eyes harden, as they had for Paige earlier that morning, and a muscle in his jaw tighten. Paige reached for the paddle, which had been discarded after her punishment and now lay like an angry dark spot on her side of the bed. She handed the paddle to her Master...

Not wanting a paddling at this time, Tonia started to pull the mask off and peel the thin latex from her face. She started at her chin. "Uh-uh" Master said. "That wont help you see, and I don't want you to spill coffee on me!"

Paige realized what Master had surmised earlier....Tonia was trying to hide her eyes. As the mask peeled away from her sweaty skin, Paige could see that the girl's eyes were red, and a little puffy.

"Interesting" the man began. "You were either crying or had a bad night. Tell your Master and Mistress whats the matter." This was said in a tone unlike the hard edge he used before. There was genuine concern in his voice. "Which was it?"

"Bad night, Master" she replied, the words muffled even more by the half removed mask.

Paige pinched herself and ordered the girl to get a scarf from the dresser. She draped the flowered silk over the slave's head, and gently removed the constricting rubber. Her pang of jealousy was gone, replaced by caring protectiveness.

"I know. If you had been crying, your nose would be stuffed and you would have suffocated in that mask." The Master looked very smug with himself on this piece of logical thinking. "What is going on?" he asked finally.

"I confess Sir, I did try to keep my eyes covered so you wouldnt see them this morning, but only to spare you worry that anything was wrong." Tonia well knew that she could hide nothing from her owner. " Its just that I stayed up all night on the computer....."

"A little cybersex, submissive one?", the Master asked.

"Yes Sir...actually no Sir," she mumbled in reply.

"Hummm....", came the Masters little animal growl. "Which is it, my dear?" His eyes moved to the paddle he was toying with, and he pretended to examine it closely.

Tonia calmed herself, and with an effort, regained the dignified yet humble demeanor that she had struggled for months to learn, behavior that she felt was characteristic of the best submissive women. " I am sorry, Master, but you did give me permission to go online, and no hourly limits were set" she explained.

"That, my dear, is true. But you will be tired today, and its a day of work have our picnic to attend to, and I cant have you falling asleep when you are supposed to be serving. You, my slave, were derelict in your duties!"

"You are right Sir, please punish me as you see fit"

"Your punishment will come during the picnic" the Master replied. He grinned, and the two women smiled through their veils. "Now have coffee and something to nibble with us..."

Tonia was delighted that she had not disappointed her Master, and was actually looking forward to her punishment session; there was something particularly barbaric and intense about outdoor discipline.....

She went over to a small bar in the corner and found a glass. She poured out the hot coffee, Paige's and the Master's in mugs and hers in the glass; as she drank, she felt gratified by the pain of the heat against her fingertips, suffering privately while the others held the handles without any discomfort. It was one of the tiny gifts of submission she gave them, probably not noticed, but it thrilled her inside to be doing it, surrendering her own comfort to please those who loved her.

During the breakfast, as Tonia knelt by the bed, they talked of her cyber wanderings over the last two months. Yes, she told them, she had found someone she felt would be worthy of making her his slave, and it was with him that she had spent the night in long discussion. They had decided that it should be time for them to meet. The problem was, they were a thousand miles apart, and though she had told him of her servitude , he could not fully believe or comprehend her situation. Tonia had promised to obtain permission to meet the Dom, whose name was Greg, and to continue their relationship if they liked what they found.

Paige and her Master listened like proud parents; they questioned Tonia about the doms she had met, and approved of her questions and decisions. When it came to granting permission for the visit, the Master was hesitant. He told the slave he had to think, but in time all things would come. And so would she, he reminded her with a leer, with the right Master!

"Now," he said, pulling off her borrowed veil and tying it as a blindfold over her eyes, "you stay here in our bed and get a little sleep. I will attend to your Lady." He pulled the cord from a pair of sweat pants that hung on a chair by the wall, and securely bound her wrists in front of her, helping her up onto the bed, and giving her a sharp stinging swat on each side of her ample behind. "Thank you Sir, for everything", she smiled and murmured, settling in on the pillow and quickly drifting off to sleep.

Paige was standing at the door to the bathroom that adjoined their bedroom; she smiled happily when she realized that the Master was going to take care of her. This was usually Tonia's job, as the Master, though wealthy, still had to work each day and only on occasion did he help her bathe and dress. This was a pleasure for both of them, a special moment they particularly enjoyed.

She held her bound hands up to him, extending a little finger to invite a bite. Staring into her eyes, which were still lightly concealed by her veil, he placed his front teeth on the knuckle of the extended finger, and slowly bit down. She winced a little, and, now that speech was allowed, poured out her words of love, thanking him for the ceremony of the previous night, the last two years, Tonia, and all the happiness and discipline and joy he had brought into her life. He kissed her hard, lifting the veil off her lips, and placed his hands in her crotch, one from the front, against her shaved pussylips, the other from behind, between her ass cheeks. He moved to her side, and linked his hands under her, lifting her almost off her feet. She gasped as her weight was transferred to her crotch, and his hands immediately were wetted by her juice. He jerked her up and down, with increasing violence, then his fingers probed her front and rear, as his cock grew and rubbed against the soft skin of her thigh. It excited him to see the welts and bruises left from her whipping, and to see her hands, still bound, search for him to please him too. He felt her pussy start to quiver, and immediately stopped the rubbing and probing. She moaned.

"Not without permission, my love, you know the rules!" he warned her.

She uttered a short double moan, which he knew meant " hurt me". He had learned her secret language of moans, sighs, grunts and purrs that she had developed over their time together. She had been frequently gagged or hooded, often for long periods, and communication was sometimes necessary. He missed her passionate kisses and licking when she was gagged, but it was always a bondage that she cherished and enjoyed. She had received a stunning collection of expertly crafted gags from him, and faithfully wore one for at least two hours each day.

His thumbs were inside her, in her ass and pussy, and he squeezed them together, again lifting her up from the floor. She yelped with the pain, and begged for permission to come. He kissed her, biting her lower lip as he pulled away, and murmured, "Yes my love, yes! But in silence!"

The discipline of being ordered to silence during her orgasm brought her to a new level of heat, and the spasms engulfed his fingers and hands in warm wetness. Then she hung on his hands, sweating, her back against a wall, twitching slightly, and moaning. A pinch from the Master quickly reinforced her silence. They stood entwined for a minute, and then started to walk as one to the bath.


Paige felt the warm scented water rising slowly about her body as the large tub filled up. Her Master knew how to enjoy a bath and had taught her exactly how to indulge in its exquisite pleasures. Many evenings they had spent hours together in this bath, by candlelight or with the moon shining through the skylight, she always bound, usually pleasing him, but sometimes allowing herself to be pampered by her Master. This morning, with a strip of soft cloth over her eyes, and a disposable plastic wrist restraint holding her hands together, she luxuriated under her Master's attention.

He shampooed her hair, running his fingers roughly through the wet strands; She had not bathed since the ceremony, and her sweat had clung to her and dried. Master said he liked the smell of her hair when it was dirty; it reminded him of the first girl he had ever dominated, a sharp tongued slut of thirteen who fell in love with him after he spanked her. Although they had never seen each other again, she had altered his life profoundly, as he had hers. He ran the foam of the shampoo over and through her hair, then rinsed with the hand shower that was set just a little too hot for comfort. She moaned, deep in her throat, then returned to silence.

His hands were then on her body, soaping her all over, and caressing each bruise. He paid particular attention to her breasts, carefully washing each one as it floated on the water, then rubbed each nipple gently. She raised her knees and spread them, and his hand washed the recently pleasured region with playful exuberance: the sloshing of the hot water and the pressure of his hand began to have their effect, and another moan, this time of joy, arose from her body.

He led her, still bound and blindfolded, from the tub, and dried her with deep soft towels; she sat on a chair and raised her feet for him to dry them; she refused to make him even bend to serve her, even to give the appearance of submissiveness. He enjoyed her feet, often massaging them and even kissing her toes and instep, but just as often forcing her to joyfully don cruel and expensive, but very pretty, footwear. She loved the heels, the platforms and the laces, the smell of the sweat and pussy-juice soaked leather, and the way walking in the outrageous pumps and boots stretched and tightened her muscles into an orgasmic spring that would explode with the slightest touch...

As he rubbed cream into her already soft feet, she thougth of the anniversary present she had bought for them.... a pair of custom made boots that were impossible to walk in, but comfortable enough for sleep. She would surprise him with them tonight; Paige had always wanted to learn to sleep in boots, even as a little girl. She smiled, both from the enjoyment of her foot rub, and in anticipation of the joy she would bring her surprised Master that night....

He finished drying her, and powdered her body lightly. Her skin tingled with the light touch of the puff, contrasting with the firm grip he kept on her arm.

Then, he led her in front of him to a small alcove in the bathroom; a makeup mirror, lights, and a sink occupied this space. Here, she was allowed to uncover her face to attend to it. Master removed the cloth strip and snipped off the plastic handcuff. She seldom wore much makeup, so not a lot of time was spent in this little private spot. The only exception was when she was to be veiled with her eyes showing, and she would create delicate and exotic patterns around her eyes; a glance from those magnificent blue-green eyes could melt a man's heart in seconds, and the veils only served to highlight them and increase their beauty a hundredfold.

Her Master left her alone then,and left Paige and the sleeping Tonia to get another coffee.


Master sat alone in the kitchen, waiting for the twenty minutes he had allowed Paige for herself to pass. He drank the coffee which Marge, a local woman who occasionally came in to cook, had brewed before she left. She had also prepared an excellent picnic basket. What a pity she didn't know the joys of submission, he thought. She would have made some man a first class slave...especially a man who liked good food....

He went to the wine rack, and selected three bottles, placing them in a cooler, along with a bottle of champagne. Making several trips, he carried the cooler and the basket to the garage, and loaded them into the trunk of a midnight blue limousine; he also brought a large thermos filled with Marge's coffee. On the last trip, he brought from a hallway closet a medium sized black attache case, which he carefully stowed in the rear compartment of the limo.

He closed his eyes, going over a mental list of details; finally, he smiled to himself and said, to noone in particular, " Ladies, its time to get dressed!"


By the time he got to the bedroom, Tonia had awakened and had found her way blindly to the bathroom. Paige was untying the girl's hands when the Master walked in. As they were still in the alcove, Paige had not covered her face; she fell immediately to her knees, as she always did the first time Master entered the room, and holding Tonia's hand, pulled the submissive down with her. Expertly, Tonia bowed low, touching her forehead to the tile floor.

The Master regarded the scene with obvious pleasure, the submissives responding as trained, willingly, obediently, but with joy. He motioned to them, and Paige arose gracefully, leading the helpless Tonia up too. Realizing that her mistress was not yet veiled and not permitted to speak, Tonia asked the Master if she should fetch a face covering.

"Do so" he commanded. "that was excellent how you realize what's happening while you are blindfolded".

Tonia blushed a little at the praise. "All part of being a good slave, Sir" she whispered. "May a slave uncover her eyes, Sir?"

He gave her permission, and she pulled the scarf off her eyes and down over her mouth and nose. She blinked in the sunny bathroom light, and went to the bedroom to find her mistress a veil to wear for dressing.

From the bedroom, Tonia brought another scarf, blue this time, for her mistress to wear. She also picked up the discarded latex mask she had worn earlier. The mask was her favorite, and she loved the nearly total restriction she was under when she wore it. She couldn't help but think of how her ultimate master, the man she would eventually accept as her loving, permanent dominant, would feel about her love for it. She hoped with all her heart that she could give him a gift of faceless submission, and that it would excite him as much as the same gift excited and united Paige and her Master.

Master led both women from the bathroom, across the bedroom, and into the large walk- in closet where they kept all their pleasure clothes. He held Paige by the lips of her pussy, leading her behind him, and Tonia he held by the hair, pushing her ahead. He was a little rough, and unnecessarily so, but both women found it stimulating, and both were dampening again by the time they entered.

The closet was windowless, but well lit. There was a small raised platform at one end where clothes could be modeled. The carpenters and electricians who installed the room must have wondered at its purpose.

Maybe a third of the racks were full, with shimmering exciting costumes in leather, latex, metal, silk and plastic that they had used in their play, as well as for daily wear. Paige insisted on wearing something exotic at all times, unless Master expressly forbade it, for fear of embarrassing public incidents, but as his confidence in the submissive developed, he never limited her choice any more. The remaining, empty racks offered the promise of more years of exploring and finding ways for Paige to package herself pleasingly for her Master, and for Master to give mutually pleasing presents to his slave.

Master pushed Tonia gently to the floor, and she dropped to her knees on the carpet; Paige he continued to guide, up to the raised platform. She knew well what was in store for her. "A little punishment in case I'm naughty later, Sir?" she asked, grinning and pinching her nipple.

"No, a little fun for me now, slave", he answered, finding a long, wide bladed flogging whip laying on the floor.

She raised her arms over her head. A pair of Velcro strap cuffs hung over the stage, and she was soon comfortably locked into them, naked except for the veil. Before being strapped in, she pushed the veil off her shoulders and back, exposing them even more to the whip. Tonia, meanwhile, had slipped back into her latex mask, and peered at them intently, her excitement mounting.

He lashed her slowly, without cracking the whip, the soft leather sliding as it impacted her skin, stinging warmth in its wake. She gasped slightly and bit her lip, but the pain was nowhere near her tolerance level. She received twenty such lashes, from the shoulder down to her hip, on each side of her body. Reddening a little all over, she asked her Master for more. He smacked her harder now, the tip cracking, six times on each shoulder. He signalled to Tonia, and she sprang up, immediately bringing a riding crop from the trunk in the bedroom. As she returned to her kneeling position, she heard the first blow snap on Paige's buttocks.

After seven more blows, hard ones, Paige was weeping and begging for mercy. "I promise I'll be good to you Master I'll make you so happy I love you oh Master please I love you!" He struck her twice more, and she almost lost her footing. Putting down the crop, he stood behind her, and, pulling her back toward him, pressed his body against her sore back. She shuddered as he manipulated her breasts and pussy, and turned her head as far as she could around to kiss him.

As they kissed through her veil, she could feel his cock swell against the silky pajamas he was wearing. She wanted him, God, how she wanted him, right there and then. But she was a slave, and she knew she would have to wait until he decided that the time for their pleasure was right.

When he released her from the cuffs, she dropped against his body, kissing him full on the lips, her veil brushed away so she could probe deeply with her tongue; he held her tight, rubbing his hands all over her flaming body. As he did so, he gave another signal to Tonia. Up off her knees again, she searched for the items of clothing he had listed for her before. Her task made more difficult by the mesh in the mask's eyeholes, she hoped that she was complying perfectly with his desires.

Hurriedly, Tonia sorted through the clothes and accessories in the closet. She searched in some drawers built into the wall and in a second side closet, redolent of leather, where Paige stored her collection of exotic shoes and boots. Within a few minutes, she deposited a neat pile of clothes at the Master's feet. She knelt nearby, ready to help dress her mistress. Paige and the Master were still kissing on the stage.

Paige grasped the hanging cuffs in her hands, pretending to be bound; her loving Master began to sort through the pile. His first selection was a silver leather corset; this was more for looks than for serious figure training, and not extremely tight; tightness, after all, would have been quite impractical for a picnic. He beckoned to Tonia, and she held the corset while he adjusted it on Paige's body, and began the tedious lacing.

Within minutes, Paige was in the corset's grip, firm and comfortable. Her Master knotted the strings securely as she held tight to the hanging cuffs. He then told her to lower her arms.

Next, he placed a black silk half-face mask over her eyes, with a lacy elastic band around her head and hidden within her long hair to hold it securely in place. The eyeholes were placed precisely over her eyes, and she would be able to eat, or be fed, very easily and comfortably in it. He removed the scarf that Tonia had brought earlier. "Lots of hand wash for the slave to do" Tonia thought to herself, looking at the pile of scarves already discarded.

"Now you shall entertain ME" he said to Paige, handing her a pair of sheer black stockings and a garter belt. He touched a small button hidden in the base of the stage, and the soft wail of a saxophone came from a hidden speaker. Instinctively, Paige dropped to a sensuous crouch, and, rolling over, began to slowly slip on the stockings. The nylon slid up her legs, enveloping them, and she finally stood up, sticking her ass out. She waved it in the air like a sleazy dancer at a bar, and slowly strapped on the garter belt. She snapped the garters to the stockings in time to the drums behind the saxophone, and was ready just as the song finished.

As the next song proceeded, the Master handed Paige a pair of shiny boots, with medium heels, that reached just below her knees. She slid into them as sensuously as she had into the stockings, and when they were on, she waved her hand at Tonia and pointed to the laces. Tonia scrambled on hands and knees to her mistress, and began to lace the boots up.

"Make sure they are nice and straight and tight, Tonia," he admonished her. " We all want Paige looking perfect today!"

"Oh, yes sir, she will" the girl cheerfully replied, tugging at the leather to smooth out the wrinkles, and tightened another lace.

The Master told them that it would take some time to lace the boots on, so he would get dressed. They heard the shower run in the bath, and soon he was back. He was in well-tailored black slacks and a black shirt, open necked, with a buttondown collar, and a gray sportjacket over it. Soft black boots completed his outfit. He was not a particularly handsome man, but he dressed well and carried himself with assurance, and a few women secretly gave him more than one look.

When he returned, Paige was slipping into a pair of shiny leather gloves, just to her elbows. She stood up, and reached out for her Master's face. She rubbed his cheek with the gloved hand, which he scooped up in both of his, and kissed, looking into her eyes. There were small, solid steel rings sewn to the leather of each glove with strong nylon thread, located just above each wrist. He took each hand, and pulled it back behind her, snapping the ring to a similar ring at the back of her corset. Her arms were now immobilized behind her, probably for the rest of the day. She shivered with excitement......

He covered her in a long, shimmery silk lined cape of black vinyl, that draped gracefully over her shoulders, and reached almost to her ankles. A silver closure at the neck kept it on, and he secured it with a jewelled padlock. The lights reflected on the vinyl and cascaded down her back over the bound arms, continuing in reflections in the shiny erotic blackness of her boots....

He pulled up a deep hood at the back of the cape, framing her masked face in the shadow; a light veil, of sheer black silk, was attached to the hood, and covered her face loosely; now she was nearly completely covered, but her pussy was almost exposed as she walked. He helped her off the stage, and stepped back to admire....

"Jeezus!" he said, turning to Tonia. "You got a blue garter belt. It was SUPPOSED to be black. Now she's all in black with a BLUE garter belt"

Paige could not stop herself. "OOOh, I look like a bruise! " she giggled.

Master was not amused. He swatted her behind for breaking silence. "As for you, Tonia...."

Tonia pulled a piece of yellow notepaper from her corset top. It was the list of clothes he had given her yesterday. She handed it to him, and he turned and walked over to a light to examine it. "It clearly says BLACK garter belt" he thundered. He handed her the paper. Her eyes filled with tears behind the mesh of the mask. The paper said black. How could she have screwed up so completely? She begged for pardon, for punishment. She did not like failure.

At last, Master said "As punishment, you will not take part in the picnic today. You will be bound and blindfolded at the site while Paige and I enjoy ourselves. You will, however, drive and set up the food. You have twenty minutes to get ready." He turned and walked away, with Tonia trying to keep from crying inside her mask. As he walked, he shook a little, as if trying to avoid laughing, and he slipped from his sportcoat pocket a piece of yellow notepaper....


Paige sat erect in the back seat of the limousine as Master gently rubbed her legs. As he rubbed, she relaxed and leaned back onto a large soft pillow that complemented the blue leather and polished wood of the car's interior. The pillow was there to support her body without placing an uncomfortable load on her bound arms. She wiggled slightly to find a comfortable position and stretched her leg further toward her master....

He rubbed her with his fingertips, both on the skin of her thigh and through the leather of her boot; the rhythmic pressure of the strokes and the near helplessness of her situation made Paige drift again into her hazy world of submission and excitement. As the car rolled on along the winding roads and through the grassy hills of the Maryland countryside, she tried to comprehend what it was that had brought her and Master together, and what held them in such ecstasy and complete devotion to each other. As usual, her mind would not allow her to be her old analytical self, and to her there was only the present, not the past, stretching into a joyful future.

A short time earlier, they had departed the Mansion (as Master liked to call it), with Paige slightly behind him, a leash attached to her collar . Tonia had brought the car to the foot of the sweeping stairway at the front of the house, and Paige worked at gracefully maneuvering herself, bound, booted and on her Master's leash, down the stairs and into the back seat.

Tonia had accepted her punishment with good grace, although the exclusion from the picnic hurt where no whip could. She wore a soft burgundy leather jacket, skintight jeans, and high heeled boots, sunglasses and a widebrimmed hat. She would have fit perfectly into the vanilla world, probably getting some admiring looks from men around her. But she would answer only to those who, in her opinion, would be that special master for her.....where oh where was he to be found?

The car slowed, and Tonia drove it off the two lane blacktop onto a narrow dirt road that ran up a hill and into a small forest. Fields with grazing horses surrounded the little wood, but there were no buildings or people about. She stopped the car in a sunlit clearing among the oaks.

She jumped quickly out of the driver's side and opened the back door for Paige; she realized that it would not be a simple matter for Paige to exit the car in her bondage. Both women had been in that position, or worse, many times. Master got out of the rear, on the other side.

Paige had never been to this spot, but its solitude and beauty charmed her. She looked instinctively at the trees, searching out the ones which would be nicest to be tied to. Two large trees stood alone in the middle of the clearing, about thirty feet apart; they provided welcome shade from the early afternoon sun.

Tonia held out both hands to Master, asking silently with her motion to be bound. He obliged her by snapping handcuffs with an eighteen inch chain onto them. She smiled and went to work on the picnic.

An old bench, freshly painted, stood against one tree. Master walked Paige to it; he guided Paige to the ground, where she sat down demurely on her cape, her head bowed, her eyes lowered. He sat on the bench, locating himself where the bound woman could lean comfortably against his thigh. They were in the shade, and a breeze made it almost cool under the tree. He had been concerned about Paige overheating in the heavy vinyl, but here in the shade the only overheating would be of her already inflamed desires. Paige noted that the little clearing was too neat and too cultivated to be completely natural...the grass was thick, the leaves swept, the birds were singing, and it even seemed that the ants had gone away. She realized with delight that her loving Master had prepared this place, just for them.


Paige wiggled slightly, sending a cascade of shimmering sunlight reflections down the length of her cape, as she relaxed the tightening muscles in her bound arms. She was used to prolonged bondage, and, even when there was discomfort,she never anticipated the moment of release, sometimes keeping her arms in place even when the ropes or straps were removed, until told to do otherwise. Master smiled at her and stood behind her, massaging her shoulders and back through the slick material, and she wiggled even more sensuously under his touch.

Leaning back against him, she pressed against his bulging crotch, and looked up, her eyes twinkling through the veil. Tonia watched, attempting a pout.

"Shall I get the food out, Sir?" she asked quietly. He nodded and she quickly scurried to the limo trunk, coming back with a folding table. Master watched her appreciatively, as her bottom jiggled in the tight jeans. She made two more trips, bringing the thermos full of coffee, and the food in a steel box.

A small hope arose in her mind that she wouldn't be excluded from the meal. The amount of food she carried seemed excessive for two. Or maybe there would be company...the hope faded quickly, and she felt the sorrow even more keenly if she were to be kept out of the party. It surprised her that she was so hurt by a minor matter....but she had erred, and knew she had to take the punishment, even if it was a bit unfair.

She unfolded the table, careful to set it on even ground, and set the food and coffee containers on it after spreading a black tablecloth. She looked to her Master and Mistress for approval, admiring despite her own feelings the dramatic look of the stainless steel picnic set and thermoses, with leather trimmings, over the starched black linen. As she moved to open the containers, Master said "Stop".

She froze, and turned to look, her blue eyes little-girl large as she stared at him over her shoulder.

"Go stand by that tree over there" he said, pointing to an old fruit tree with a straight trunk, and nearly horizontal branches growing out of it at about five feet from the ground. She walked quickly to the tree, instinctively dropping to her knees when she arrived. She knew that, somehow she and that trunk would soon be on very intimate terms.

"Take off your jacket and jeans" he commanded, removing her handcuffs. "oh, and your hat too. Then put your boots back on". He watched her strip...even here, though she felt lonely and a bit cold, she tried to be as sensuous as she could. She envied her Mistress, snugly bound and lovingly wrapped up, smiling at her servant's discomfort.

The Master kept his eyes on her as he walked to the car and fetched the case he had earlier deposited in the back seat. By the time he brought the case to the table, Tonia was down to her corset and a thong, and was zipping up her boots. She looked magnificent.

"Stand up and face the tree".

She complied, dismayed that she could not even face the picnickers. At least the sun was shining on her back, removing the chill she had felt on undressing. She sensed him coming up close behind her, and shuddered with combined fear/pleasure as his breath played upon her bare back. He handed her gloves, and told her to put them on. Stepping around to the other side of the tree, he watched as she slid her fingers into the tight leather sheaths, brown leather just like her boots and corset.

When she had finished, he handed her a latex hood, similar to the one she had worn that morning in her attempt to conceal her tiredness.

"You looked so good hooded, I thought you should stay that way" he explained. This mask, though, had no eyeholes but left her mouth and nose free to breathe. She knew from this that she would be wearing it for some time. The last thing she saw, as the hood slipped over her head, was the Master take a flogger from his pocket and shake out the tails in preparation.....

He turned her around and zipped up the hood; it encased her snugly, imprisoning her in its warm darkness. Then he turned her back to her original position, facing the tree. She felt him grasp her wrists and pull them upward, her forearms hooked under and around the horizontal branches, her leathered belly against the trunk. One arm was on each side of the trunk. He pushed her hands back toward her face, and cuffed her wrists together; the cuffs were linked with a chain on her side of the trunk. It seemed that everything was just the right size to fasten her securely yet comfortably.....

She yelped as the flogger struck her rounded bottom, first on the right, then the left. Again and again. The stinging and the warmth comforted her, and, in spite of her feelings, she started her usual drift to that place in her mind that she had learned from the Master....

The flogging stopped, as suddenly as it had started. Though her ears were tightly swathed in the latex hood, Tonia could tell that he was walking away. Was this another punishment, to take her so far and leave her cold, or was there something more painful in store for her? Her mind swam in near delirium, for minutes perhaps, but she was slowly returning to reality, when the flogger made contact with her bare shoulder....softly this time, a warning that it was to be used again. The caresses of the whip continued, and sensations she had never felt before, in all of her training, began to well up in her body.

Gentle strokes, harder now, but still unlike any she had experienced, stung her bottom and shoulders, the insides of her thighs, then up into her pussy......

She thought suddenly of Greg, and of her Mistress....the excitement that was mounting in her body and mind was the work of the Master; to let go now to succumb to what she felt was the greatest pleasure she could possibly stand, would be to betray both of them. She wanted most desperately to be the slave of the man she had talked to so much, yet had never met. She cherished her submissive friendship with Paige, the joys she had learned in the last months....yet here was this unendurable pleasure at the hand of the man who was training her, the man Paige loved as Tonia could only dream of loving Greg. The caresses faded, to be replaced by a touch even more intimately strong yet controlled, almost delicate. A shower of lights cascaded in her sightless eyes, and gasps escaped her parted lips. As she struggled in her pleasure, her gloved fingers wriggled spasmlike as her hooded forehead pressed aginst them, and her body scratched where not protected by her leather against the rough old bark of the tree.

"FIRE" she screamed, then sobbed was the first time ever for her safeword. The caresses continued....

She gasped again." Oh please please sir stop it feels please stop wonderful i cant i cant stop please sir" she babbled. She could barely form the simplest words...sentences were beyond her. A pause in the caresses, then a few light strokes of the flogger.....

"Why do you want it to stop, Tonia?" came her Master's voice.

Her composure improved, but very slightly....."Feels too good master like never before cant live without it..." she shuddered. She felt tears leak out under the edge of the hood and over her lip....

She babbled on...."Can't do this to Greg..want to be his.....and you sir you love Mistress"

Strong hands held her trembling shoulders; there was no more stimulation, only gentleness. "You want to be Greg's?" Master asked. "You hardly know him."

She paused. "I know, Sir, but I wish he could touch me, just like you did sir. I need a true Master of my own Sir". She shuddered again, shaken by her own confession.

There was silence. Just the hands on her shoulders. She felt a kiss between her shoulder blades. Then the hands let go, and she felt the straps on the cuffs being loosened. She struggled to keep both hands up until they were off, and with effort she succeeded. She was turned around, and gently but firmly pushed to a kneeling position.

Instinctively her hands went to her knees. As she bowed her head, she felt the zipper of the hood being opened. Then, still hooded and unable to see, she was made to stand up again, slightly wobbly on the high heels.

The caresses began again, and she moaned....

The hood was suddenly yanked away. As her eyes focused and adjusted to the sunlight, she could see her Master in front of her, a smile on his lips. Paige stood behind him, leaning her bound body against his, also smiling, Even her eyes seemed to smile behind the tiny holes in the mask.

"Turn around, Tonia!" The Master ordered, as hands turned her whether she wanted to or not.

She found herself looking at the man to whom she had spoken so many times....the telephone voice, the computer messages now had a face that was real.

Tonia was not disappointed!

Greg took her gloved hands in his. "Hello Tonia" he said, almost in a whisper. "Wonderful to see you at last"

She stared at him, a thousand questions forming but none taking voice. She dropped to her knees, the only welcome she could think of, and more from training than thought. She covered the hands that held hers with kisses, and pressed them to her cheeks, as new tears formed in her eyes....

"Greg...I mean Sir...that was you, touching me?"

He nodded.

"I don't know about you lovebirds, but I'm hungry" the Master said, taking Paige by her elbow and walking her back to the picnic table.


They dined and drank and talked and laughed there in the clearing while the sun crept past the trees and towards the top of a hill. Paige, her veil thrown back from her face, but still masked and bound, was carefully fed by the Master, and Tonia, though almost numb with joy, scurried to keep everyone supplied until ordered to sit. As the afternoon grew chilly, Master directed her to bring a warm leather cape from the car for herself.

As she settled herself against her new-found love, she listened as the Master described his efforts to bring the two of them together.

"Actually,"he said," I think its much harder to train a Master than a slave, and a lot less fun. I have a confession to make, to you, Tonia. Several confessions, as a matter of fact".

"A master should never have to confess anything to his slave, Sir" she proclaimed gravely.

"Well, in that case, you are no longer my slave. I free you, as of now". He reached over to her and undid the thin leather band that had not left her neck since she had come to him, months before. "I'm sure you will be collared again soon enough!"

"Sir, I will never be fully free of you as long as I live, and I thank you for that most humbly" she replied, her eyes lowered." I will never ever forget what you and the Mistress have taught me".

"And I have learned from you, Tonia" he said in a voice that she had never heard before. "but, to continue with my confessions.....I pledged to you to make you the best and happiest submissive I could, and part of that was to find you a good Master. Master Greg you found yourself, but I had to guide things just a bit to make it all work."

"First of all, I was aware of your conversations...that gizmo attached to the back of your computer is a monitor I knew pretty much what was going on from the monitor in my office. I'm sorry it had to be that way, but you were an eager, desirable, but inexperienced woman who truly wanted to adopt our lifestyle....I just couldn't in good conscience let some idiot break your heart and perhaps embitter you to the point where you give up. Then I checked Greg out. I have the means and the contacts to do so, both in the vanilla world and in ours. I wish every father could do for his daughter what I did for my charge."

"Youre quite a straight arrow, Greg, done well for yourself, and you seem to have a future. You're young and have a long way to go. This little subbie can be one hell of an inspiration for you. As her Mistress was for me."

"As for your experience in the lifestyle, we know you made the usual mistakes, but you learned fast and have the sensitivity to know just how the subs need to be treated. I know you ran into some bad ones...but we won't mention that"

"Gawd, this man knows EVERYTHING" Greg said with mock awe.

"I promise to make up to you for them" Tonia said, pulling the hood of the cape closer around her face. She missed the Mask Rule already.....and hoped that Greg would adopt it when she became his....

The Master continued:"Anyway, I wanted to set this first meeting up without the usual anxieties and problems, but I needed to show you, Greg, that she was not emotionally bound to me, merely a loved student. I think that by extracting the confession of love from her while she were bound to the tree, I accomplished my purpose"

"Admirably" Greg and Tonia said as one. "GMTA" they both said and laughed.

"I also needed to have her in a bound, blindfolded situation when you came, and not to be at her happiest. I wanted you to see her at a time of conflict and difficulty, and see things improve. So I set up a little scam....."

He pulled out of his pocket a slip of yellow notepaper with a list of clothes. Tonia read the list in the fading afternoon light. It said "Blue Garter Belt".

He looked as sheepish as a dominant can, which is very slightly. "You did exactly as you were told. I switched lists on you. I needed an excuse to give you a hard time. Youre so damn perfect it isn't easy to do so. Except for fun, but then you like it, and that would not have suited my purpose."

"How could you, Sir!!!" Tonia said....then she remembered him telling her that he had spent a summer as a magician in a seaside town, many years ago.


Later, as they drove back to the Mansion, the Master and Paige sat together in the back of the limo, she snuggling still bound against him; Greg drove with Tonia ecstatic in the front seat with him, giving directions on the unfamiliar roads. After she had put away the picnic equipment, he bound her securely and placed her carefully in the seat. In the process, he also delivered a few well placed swats to her behind, causing squeals of pleasure.....

"You did well today, Master", Paige whispered. She had been released from her silence, which Master had imposed to prevent her accidentally revealing his plan to Tonia.

"Thank you my dear" he answered, squeezing her helpless form. "Are you comfortable?"

"I've only been bound for eight hours, Master" she replied."I was hoping to stay like this till we get to bed and play..."

He squeezed her harder and kissed her silk-covered lips, anticipating the pleasures the veiled submissive would bring him that night. Grateful for the joy she brought him, and glad to share it with others, he sat back in the seat and relaxed. He knew that his next task was to find a replacement for Tonia. But that is another story.

(Author's note: the story you have just read is pure fantasy. It represents idealized BDSM relationships in an idyllic setting. It is not meant as a guide or a lesson, merely as a relaxing erotic entertainment. Life's a bitch, and we all have to deal with it; sometimes its just good to read something pleasant, get away from things, and say "what if?"....)

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