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Cookies, policy and resources

TOTV uses NO external resources, and as such no third party cookies are set by visiting this site and NO data are transferred to others.

Initially TOTV does not set any cookies either, but if you choose to change to "Mobile layout" (by clicking the button at the bottom of the Home page) one cookie is set for the browser used as the only means to apply an alternative layout.

The TOTV cookie only stores the layout setting which can be veryfied by a cookie manager either as a function built into the browser or as an add-on. The TOTV cookie is found by the site name '' and contains the following parameters:

Cookie name: TalesoftheVeilsCookie
Content: "TOTV_mobile_layout"
Expiration date: 365 days after being set

Changing from "Mobile layout" to "Normal layout" deletes the TOTV cookie.
It may also be deleted by general browser functions:

If the TOTV site won't show "Mobile layout" one of the above delete events may have occurred, but also remember cookies are individual to each browser so you may use a browser different from the one where the cookie was set.

Tip: The "Mobile layout" simply enlarges certain layout items and as such may be set on all platforms - smartphones, tablets or PCs - to enlarge menu and text e.g. for visually impaired.


Possibilities with the structure and layout of TOTV

Tip: The whole expanded tile area of a menu item is clickable. There is no need to try to hit the underlined text or the image.


Problems and solutions

The Menu at the left side of the page is not compatible with outdated browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7 and 8.
If you don't see our site name "Tales of the Veils" written vertically in yellow and other text at the left side of the browser window then it may be because your browser is not compatible (too old).
It may also be because your browser has JavaScript turned off. JavaScript (not to be confused with Java) has to be turned on in the browser settings for the Menu and other TOTV features such as the story page listings and statistics to work.

If you are using an old Microsoft browser (IE6, 7 or 8) because of using Windows XP it is strongly recommended to install a modern browser and mainly use this - for other surfing than TOTV as well.
Opera is recommended, but (as of September 2012) the latest versions (with the latest updates against malware) of Firefox or Chrome work with Windows XP as well.

If none of the above is feasible here is the menu as plain links, and then you have to use the browser's navigation (Back button) and / or history to get back here after leaving this page:





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