The Ten Decrees

by Tangent Scribe

To you I send greetings, readers in the past.

I was first in. The first one across the border. Invited, welcomed, into the inner workings that no one had seen the since the closure. Before the opening of the Eye of Allah.

Such wonders I have seen, they are beyond my words, beyond my broadest and wildest imaginations. I find it hard to relate, but I will try, I must. It is all I can do.

Created from literally nothing there is now a Utopia, or it it a Hell? It may be neither and both.

They have harnessed the fire of God,  the energy of the stars, and connected it to the will of madman geniuses. Fortune favoring the foolish? Possibly, but fortune has changed their world, my world, and what may become yours.

I am the Tangent Scribe, I write for him, the one who controls, but I am on a path that only barely touches his reality, and may only barely touch this one.

I do not know if I write a cautionary tale that once read, precludes the existence of the world I have been living, or tell a story that is as inevitable as the breaking of dawn.

So many stories, intertwining plots, wondrous sights. It is said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This I know is true. This I have experienced.

The Uncertainty Principle states that any attempt at measurement, changes what is measured. As I attempt to write the tales of the events I have witnessed the writing changes the story, what will come through I cannot predict.

Among the wonders they have discovered is temporal transmission, it is this I attempted to harness to send my tales back. Back to where they can be read and used? Read and enjoyed? Read and feared? 

I send multiple transmissions. The Ten Decrees that follow are the first. There will be a break then more should follow. They are not the beginning of the story, but they mark the point where the one who controls, the New Prophet, realized his power and began to exert his influence upon the first of his peoples. It took some years for them to be made public, More laws followed and  the resistance was...unprecedented. That is a story I have yet to write. You may yet get to read it, but when? When..

Suffice to say, dynamic charismatic leadership plus ancient tradition in the form of infallible Koranic law, coupled with technology the like the world had never seen has set the stage for a revolution as powerful as it is perverse...

I cannot control the order that the transmissions will be received, only which comes to you first. Far in the future you will see, then stories of before the beginning. Epics followed by intimate portraits. Most of which are quite adult, as the charisma that drives the New Prophet his family and followers always seemed to have a sexual edge.You the recipient will have to connect the stories, flesh out the arc in your own perceptions. I can only hope the webmaster in the time period I target, early 2012 to begin with, will publish them. I think he will, for I can read them here in the great archive...

It is from this world then that I send you the Ten Decrees. Why to you? In my perusal of the great archive it was my discovery of Tales of the Veils that led me to you, kindred spirits from long ago. It there were anyone who would appreciate what the New Prophet has and will bring forth to his expanding peoples it is you. Some of you, I'm quite sure if you make it this far, will very much enjoy living by these Decrees and in the times they rule. Enjoy.

If you wish to contact me you may send an email to the moc.liamg@ebircS.tnegnaT it will be saved in the inbox and years in your future when I peruse the great archive again I will read it and inshAllah, I will target the temporal transmitter and attempt a reply. Some of you do write, I have seen the replies in the archive already... There may be other scribes I do not know in my time period living parallel to me in this brave world shaped by the New Prophet and have stories to tell which I have not been privy to. If you fellow scribes are here, also reading Tales of the Veils in the great archive and wish to add your piece to the greater narrative email as well and together we can flesh out more of a future past.

End Transmission #1 - Tangent Scribe

As transcribed directly from the words of the New Prophet, Publicly read aloud by his herald in the year 1 after the opening of The Eye of Allah. The magnificence of the New Prophet was fully recognized by the people of the peninsula by this point and these words were not met with resistance, but awe and obedience. The technical and financial power accumulated by the New Prophet and his family was already more than apparent and rumors of his religious jurisprudence and logic had gained great traction. The crowd in the square numbered in the tens of thousands, and even before the words were read, the faces of half the women were fully veiled, such was the conservatism of the culture that already prevailed.. At the completion of the reading, women's faces began to disappear like bubbles popping across the surface of the sea after a great wave had passed. Within minutes. The eyes of a woman could not be seen anywhere in the square and have never been seen there since. A new sound did appear though, the low plaintive sound of female wailing, for while some did not understand the gravity of what had been decreed and merely listened without full comprehension, those with deeper understanding and education knew that their way of life had just irrevocably changed. To a man, none of the men made a sound save for scattered cries of "Allahu Ackbar" Much of what was said was reiteration of the rules that they had always known, unchanged Islamic teaching. Much however was new, and some of the terms no one could know what they meant, as no one in the greater population had lived this way, but within the New Prophets tribe, village and family, this is the way life had been for generations.

As it was his, so it shall be theirs.


Decree #1

All of a woman is Awrah at all times. The female form is a disruptive influence and God has commanded it be eliminated from public life and its effects be minimized to the greatest extent in private. The state has established Modesty Committees to carry forth this divine commandment.

Decree #2
Under nearly all normal circumstances women are under the guardianship of males from her family or by marriage. Women are permitted to engage in public life at the discretion of the guardian provided they are known only by their coverings. Uncovered female flesh in any amount is an abomination and it is the sacred duty of all to remove it immediately from sight. Uncovered women are not afforded any rights or protections under the law. Women are not barred from participation in public life but have no voice outside the home, communication is only through text or through the speech of a male relative. Utterances made from behind a covering are illegal and invalid in all cases.

Decree #3
Due to their esteemed position, the protection they are due, and hazards they uniquely present, women are only to be known and recognized by their covers and will be referred to as such. Women’s bodies are legally defined as a physical framework that supports their coverings and females must present themselves accordingly. The individual body parts that are covered are to be linguistically referred to by the coverings they support.. Women have veils, not faces. They have gloves, not hands. They have hijabs, not heads, the body is a burqa, an abaya, and so forth  A woman exposes what is forbidden under strict penalty of law, a violation will incur enhanced sealing, encasement, or physical modification in addition to other penalties assessed by the modesty committee.

Decree #4
The age of covering is 12 years old or the first sign of puberty whichever is soonest. Earlier covering is encouraged as it helps the development of a positive self image. Mothers should cover in front of children to the maximum extent possible to foster attachment to and identification with the coverings. Mothers must fully cover in front of male children at age seven or the beginning of Salat, whichever is soonest.

Decree #5
Coverings in public may be of cloth or of more substantial encapsulating material in black, brown, or dark blue only, in a uniform solid color scheme. Public coverings must completely obscure the female form within and must present the female as an unrecognizable monotone nonrepresentational shape in one of the approved colors. Other public colors for ceremony or entertainment purposes can be approved upon application for special dispensation from a modesty committee. Decorative embroidery, stitching, painting or coloration is allowed provided it is in the same color of the covers and is to enhance the beauty of the coverings themselves and further detracts from the shape of the woman inside. Eyes are to be fully covered to a level that prevents any light or reflection being visible and presents a smooth unbroken continuity with the rest of the veil or eyescreen mesh. Vision shall be restricted to inhibit immodest gaze and permit basic reading and movement. Degree of mobility for a covered woman can be dictated by the male guardian or the state as they see fit, with the state having final authority. In no case shall a woman exceed the walking pace of nearby men, walk ahead of her guardian, or move in such a way that creates sound, brings undue attention, or dishonors her coverings.
Decree #6
Women must be covered when in the presence of all others in all situations. This includes in the home, before the spouse and all family, and in front of all other females who are at the age of covering. Private coverage must completely obscure the female form, cover all skin, and be nontransparent, but may be of any color, material or weight the male head of household or guardian permits. Public covering is worn, even in the home, before all males other than father, husband or son. Decorative embellishments to beautify private coverings and the covers worn in all female gatherings are permissible and encouraged to heighten the desire for and attractiveness of the state of total covering. The degree of covering in all settings private and public is verifiable at all times by a modesty committee. The modesty committee will visit all dwellings at least annually to inspect the covering of the females therein, and will approve the designs of covering sold on the open market.

Decree #7
Openings and orifices in the mandatory coverings are allowed for physiological needs only and may only be opened when necessary in seclusion. Sexual congress is done in the fully covered state with appropriate flexible sheathes and barriers to touch in place. A single hole of up to 5mm in diameter may be included only for approved procreative purposes by a modesty committee.

Decree #8
Direct physical contact between individuals for the purpose of intimacy is forbidden. Intimate contact to the female partner’s coverings is the only form of intimacy permitted. The female will cover herself for intimate contact as directed by and in the most pleasing fashion to the male partner, provided the coverings are opaque and no skin contact is possible. The degree of obscuration of the female form is up to the discretion of the male partner, Men are reminded that the female form is Awrah in all cases and efforts should be made by the male partner to direct his attraction toward greater obscuration and take his pleasure from the coverings themselves and not the female shape within. Multiple wives within the bounds of Islamic law are permitted and may be physically engaged with singly or together as the male sees fit. Should a male need physical relief in a situation where no female is present for a legal relationship, it is permissible to take pleasure in congress with empty feminine coverings with no female inside, or coverings filled with an inanimate female substitute. Men have the right, even if married, to congress with empty coverings or covered female substitutes if they prefer this. Should a male be attracted to only one part of a female’s covers, such as the gloves, it is permissible to arrange congress in such a way that only this part is visible or involved and the rest is secluded through arrangement of the sexual setting. It is typical in a long relationship that a husband will come to favor a wife or wives in only one particular way and he may change them as he sees fit to enhance his pleasure from that attractive feature. With approval of a modesty committee, he may uniquely amend the standard of covering so that only this feature is visible in his women’s public covering in order to please him more. (For the quite common glove example, the women will be encased in featureless cylinders with only their long gloves mobile and exposed, extending outwards. An aide would be hired on to take care of the wives, as they are rendered helpless. In this case the women in such a state would be legally referred to and considered to be pairs of living gloves.) In all matters pertaining to sexual congress, the husband’s desires and needs are paramount and those of the woman are overridden.

Decree #9
Same gender congress is allowed.  Among sister wives such congress is encouraged to facilitate bonding as the husband sees fit. All partners must be fully enveloped and no visible body shapes or openings in covering are permitted. No matter the physical gender, all individuals involved in any same gender congress are legally considered female and must be covered as necessary.

Decree #10
Physical modification of the body to enhance the beauty of the coverings and permanently eliminate parts of female form that may be accidentally exposed is permissible at the direction of the male guardian or the state. Senior wives can request the modification of subordinates. Reasonable requests for modification made by the females should be considered by the guardian male, but may be amended as the male sees fit. Non reversible modifications requested by the male that deprive a wife of mobility, sensory functions, or sentience are permissible with the concurrence of a modesty committee. Modifications of voice or reproductive nature are simply up to the husband. The expenses of modifications are borne by the male guardian. Modifications to remove superfluous flesh for the express purpose of Awrah reduction and enhancement of sexual congress with the coverings are approved with minimal delay as within the bounds of marriage, a woman is an object to satiate husbandly desire or to procreate. Awrah removal and attraction to coverings is in the interests of the state and expenses are subsidized at the discretion of the Modesty Committee. (Referring to the glove example from Decree #8, it is permissible to modify by removal all parts of the wives bodies that do not support them being reduced to pairs of living gloves. Through modern surgical practice, only minimal parts of the bodies would need to be retained to serve as a base and appropriate scaffolding for a glove centric existence, supported by state supplied equipment. Modesty is greatly enhanced and the committee would quickly approve the measure. Within a matter of days from the husband making the decision, his wives would all be legally, physically, and permanently changed from being merely women to each becoming a pair of very attractive living long gloves, designed to fulfill the husbands every desire. The end result is beneficial to all involved. The women receive spiritual reward for being made purely modest objects, the husband experiences great pleasure in congressing with pairs of long gloves who are his wives without the distraction of any unwanted features, and the society is protected through the removal of potential Awrah by converting females into feminine objects.) Women who are physically and legally re categorized as feminine objects do not count toward the maximum number of wives under Islamic law, as they are no longer women in the eyes of the state. Men bear the duty however to care for their feminine object wives with all the affection and dignity afforded before their modification. Family male guardians of unmarried females of marriageable age may modify said women of the family as they see fit to enhance marriage prospects or preserve modesty and family honor. Unmarried females with no immediate family male guardians who are considered immodest due to their method of covering or underlying physical form will be further covered or physically modified at the direction of a modesty committee acting on requests filed by men of her local community at state expense. After this action, said female is eligible to be claimed by one of the offended parties.

So it is that the Ten Decrees were delivered. With all the power and might the New Prophet had acquired, of all the things he could choose to do, this is where he started, reaching right into the most private of relationships and redefining what it meant to be man and wife, and stamping his mark on what it meant to be female and to reproduce. Canny it was, for only by shaking society at its roots could he guarantee what would grow from his plantings From this decree a core group of devout followers grew. Men who could be called disciples and would spread the word across the land. Men who were convinced to give up physical attraction to women and instead transfer that attraction wholly to shapes of cloth. Convinced to make love to sets of veils and not to the bodies of their wives that lie inside. Convinced to alter the very flesh of their spouses and female relatives and turn them into nearly inanimate objects for the good of their beliefs. Silently, privately, behind closed doors and out of the sight of the world were the women. Many now voiceless, but understanding of the wisdom behind their hardship. No longer tempting their men and strangers, deviating them from greatness. Unable to hinder progress and piety, focus and purpose since they has been covered and rendered silent. Women who served a higher purpose by being objects of pleasure encased and immobile, presenting a smooth calming veil, a tender pair of gloves, a soft crease of fabric to bring pleasure to their man. There were those who gave the most, many willingly after deep conversations with their husbands, the truly devout that sacrificed their very humanity to the greater good. They had their bodies rendered down to a living remnant of themselves, a single favorite article to which their husbands were attracted to above all else. A a set of living stockinged legs joined by a fabric lined tunnel in between for times of intimacy. A round head atop to a graceful curve of neck and torso placed on a pedestal, stripped of all protuberances that would detract from the sheer drape of a fine silk niqab; The pair of living long gloves, like a pair of pleasure giving long stemmed roses supported by a heavily draped bust and shoulders, a nub of a head buried far below in a mass of cloth never to be seen or acknowledged. All feminine creations deftly connected to near miraculous life support devices to ensure a long existence of serving as objects of pleasure and inspiration for a generation of men who were destined for greatness. Men who once convinced to give up all animal connections with the woman for a higher spiritual and physical connection with the womanly object, could be convinced to do anything for the spread of the cause and the remaking of the world at large. The bigger revolution had begun.


Farouk Al Hadi (left), Chairman of the city's Modesty Committee, presents his sister Suhalia to his future brother in law Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed on the eve of their wedding. Suhalia was converted into living gloves at the Sheik's request as part of the wedding dowry. Farouk's third wife Hanifah celebrates in the background

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