The birth and development of Veiling Erotica until September 2012

- written for the update to celebrate the 7th year birthday of TOTV -


Yes, it’s September and yes, that means it’s ‘Happy Birthday TOTV!’ time again, and as usual, the time when I sit down to pen a little reflection. This year TOTV is a startling 7 years old. 7 years is usually the duration of a marriage before it starts to run into problems but, thankfully, with TOTV that doesn’t seem to be the case, probably because here we allow polygamy so there’s always a bit of variation…

But moving back to the topic at hand, well, I recently received a tale of our own Bo_Emp that few have yet been privileged to read, (don’t worry, it’s another classic and it will be published here first!), and, as usual with Bo, it’s a tale that moves forward the boundaries of veiling erotica into a whole new field, which got me into thinking as to just how much this site has moved our favourite genre forward.

In our first ever update in September 2006 I commented that TOTV ‘has done no less than establish a whole new genre of erotic fiction’ and it is true, for before we were here the genre did not exist. As I myself wrote back then (in the 2nd September 2006 update – a sort of first birthday round up):

‘veiling has long interested me, as too has erotic fiction, which after a time naturally led to me looking for some erotic veiling fiction on the web. Surprisingly however, there was none. A few genie and harem stories, yes, and the occasional TG tale or corset story with veiling elements, but heavy-duty veiling, alas, it was but a desert. Which of course led me to thinking that someone should set up a veiling fiction website and so upon coming to that realisation, I did what anyone would do, sat down and waited for someone else to start one.

So I waited, and I waited and after several years it became apparent that it just wasn't going to happen. If I wanted veiling fiction then well, I would just have to write it myself.’

The rest is, as they say, history, but I feel it is well worth looking over that history and the changes, advances and unexpected directions that our genre has taken since its inception seven years ago.

The Home page to TOTV more or less sums up what I anticipated the stories and site to be:

This site aims to provide a wealth of fiction regarding veiling and orientalist fantasy. The odalisque waiting in the harem bath, love under an Arabian sky, vision growing dimmer as every extra layer of veiling is lowered over her eyes, passing out one day and waking up to find that she is in a life of captivity, forced to wear a burqa and submit to the will of her master or kadim. These are our fantasies and we trust you enjoy the collection of stories we have gathered for your perusal on these pages.
Here the expectation is clear: this was to be a site all about harems, lusty Turks and their hidden concubines. And it’s true, we have had a few tales like that, (most of them written by me), such as our first ever tale, Laila, and another early effort of mine, recently reworked, Hamesd the Honoured. But contrary to my expectations, TOTV has developed into a site that is remarkably harem-free.

The first two indications of this come in the form of Dominique’s oft-overlooked Commitment in which a normal, Western girl is veiled but (shock horror) of her own volition. Over the years we’ve had plenty of stories in this mould, the most notable for me being Michelle’s Alisha Takes the Veil, GhostWriter’s Loving Burqa, Bo_Emp’s Faceless Love, A Rare Short Event and Aisha, Janet’s Internet Pals and my own Last Day in Riyadh and Letters from Saudi. When TOTV was dreamt up, the idea of a consensual veiling tale, let alone me ever writing one was unthinkable, now a lot of the stuff I churn out is in that ilk.

Another early development in January 2006 was Fantasy Towers’ Humble Serenity in which a strange religious cult with strict veiling is introduced. Generally speaking, if you think of veils, you think of Muslims, but here a new religion is invented in which veiling is even more integral than in Islam and since then as well as several more tales based on the Humble Serenity sect, there have been other stories discussing imaginary veiling cults, such as my Taking Sheikh Rumi’s Path to Spiritual Fulfillment which is inspired by Indian ashrams.

In March 2006 one of TOTV’s seminal tales was published in the form of Bo_Emp’s Not Without My Daughter. This tale was a massive step forward for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was one of the first tales by our most prolific contributor and now webmaster, Bo_Emp, (his first appearance though, was not his own work, for before all of them he had translated the surreal Strict Upbringing by Joaquin I), and also it was the first-ever tale inspired by an existing work, (Betty Mahmoody’s book and film of the same name). More than any of these though it introduced what I regard to be the distinctly Bo_Emp aspect of our genre, that in which very ordinary households in veiling cultures are discussed where the veiling is generally consensual but not in that it is expected by society and so the wearer has little choice, with tales pregnant in rich description of the clothing and sensations caused by it. Whether Bo is a closet veiler or not, I have no idea [No, I’m not- Ed.], but he does describe his costumes well so that we can all feel them the better. There are so many stories in this mould that it would be difficult to list them all but to my mind, in addition to countless works by Bo himself, tales such as Internet Pals and Kris O’Donnell’s Five Sisters. Other notable works inspired by existing works of literature, film or songs include Bo_Emp’s whole collection of tales based on Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town, the two stories entitled The Lift [I & II]based on the short film Behind the Walls, Parda and Harassment based on similar short films, and a variety of tales based on fairy tales and folk stories.

Another very different direction that some tales have taken is that of more classic fetishism. The first of this ilk was the aforementioned Hamesd the Honoured but that has been followed by plenty more such as Trussir’s The Picnic, Querthe’s Fatima and virtually any of GhostWriter’s works which feature physical chastisement heavily and explore Master-Slave dynamics with humiliation as a key storyline. In this respect, they bear many similarities to tales not on this site but of great interest to many veil affieicendos by Allan Alldiss, a famous author of erotica. Check out his stuff on Amazon. In the BDSM and fetish arena there have been many exciting ideas involving rubber over the last year or two with Querthe’s Maskistan tales [- Safina & - Amanra] and my own Shame and The Ugly Duckling, Bo_Emp’s extremely imaginative A Common Hobby and Oscar’s The Social Climbing of the Campbell Family.

It is the real explosion of imaginations that excite me most about TOTV and looking back over the years, the introduction of innovations can be tracked clearly. The linking of silence through gagging with veiling, (‘voice modesty’), was a factor right from the very first tale due largely to reading the real-life veiling account ‘My Voice is Awrah’ on the Islamic Proper Hijaab site. However, Bo_Emp built on this in Not Without My Daughter by actually muting his veiled women through an operation and over the years several other stories have followed suit.

The veiling has also got heavier with Alisha Takes the Veil exploring that aspect extensively and Not Without My Daughter introducing the concept of veiled women wearing blinding veils when outside to protect them from temptation. The next development that has taken off is that of ‘arm modesty’ with Bo’s Afghan Assignment and now arm restraint is common in our tales from simple cords tying hands to a belt, to handcuffs to monogloves and even the painful and difficult reverse prayer position. It was only a matter of time before full amputation creeped in and sure enough, in Tangent Scribe’s The Ten Decrees it more than does that.

Other restrictions have also found their way into our tales. Paradise on Earth sees corsets and tightlacing introduced, (corset erotica is my other passion), whilst our ever-innovative Bo_Emp came up with debilitating suits in A Common Hobby and plaster-casting the wearers’ heads in Three Students Examine Modesty. There’s also technology in my ICT though no one does this better than Querthe in his Maskistan - Amanra.

Another common feature of stories with gagged women is that they need to consume food and drink and so the gags have tubes. In the earlier tales they all ungag to eat but Bo_Emp changed that forever with Picnic in Purdah.

Finally, there’s the scenarios. I talked about inventing strange cults, but here on TOTV we go much further than that. What about the huge number of tales set in the imaginary Vippon world, GhostWriter’s Sci-Fi stories, Mr. A_B’s Maratha Empire and my own alternative Britain introduced with Rebecca?

And if all that isn’t enough for you, don’t worry. We can provide the same fayre in other languages too…

Which all in all ain’t too bad for seven years’ work, so give yourselves a pat on the back, let this inspire you to write more stories and remember, we’ve created this genre, we’ve developed it, now move onto a whole new level…

Dave Potter