Links to other veiling resources and related sites

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Tales of the Veils

Tales of the Veils on Flickr - some of our own photos with story links
Dave Potter's Fiction Site

TOTV founder Dave Potter's Fiction Site with his stories outside our scope

The Veiled Beauty Yahoo group

Orientalism in Art - pictures and history on this site

... is to corsets what TOTV is to veils

Islamic Proper Hijab - A fantastic site dealing with niqaabi and purdah questions - great real-life experiences

Freddie's Tales Yahoo group - about and containing the stories of TOTV contributor Freddie Clegg

Confining Clothing Yahoo group - about women covered, but not to hide female forms - great stories as well

The Wikipedia page about the Islamic veil - at the bottom links to pages for the different kinds of veils

The Wikipedia page about veiling in general, mostly from a historical point of view

Those Head Coverings - News and Blogs about Head Coverings of all kinds. Extensive link pages

Latex Lady - blog about life as a 24/7 latex veil devotee

Querthe's site for latex, plastic and bondage fetish (as of Oct -13 Querthe seems to have left the web)

Flickr gallery of 2029 / SC showing his imaginative use of burqas, niqabs, scarves

Turkveil's wonderful photos of his large collection of veils - often home made. The place to see Rubands

YouTube videos containing veiling - Elisa Maria's large collection of favourites

Mirika the Harem Slave - a Flickr picture set by dcdrac
muslim TG captions

Muslim TG Captions - a blog with vignettes of men transformed into Muslim women (last updated Oct -11)

SWS - The Scarf Web Site - Links to scarf sites and a story section
(last updated Jun -12)

The YouTube playlists of Sharadowasdr with veils and masks - mainly covering lower face, and many from India
veiled actresses

Veiled Actresses TV and movies - Yahoo group focusing on actresses veiling as part of a role or in real life

A GhostWriter's Delusions - a blog assembling all of GhostWriter's stories to read more of him than featured on TOTV

Veiledb's historical veiling photos from Webshots, now on Flickr
Buses Trains Fetish

Flickr page of "Buses, Trains and Fetish"
v beauty

'v beauty''s YouTube compilation of tv series and movies excerpts with lots of veiling


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