Veils in art and fashion

One of my aims here on Tales of the Veils is to promote and further the design and artistic side of veiling. All too often I feel, Musilmah sisters and us who write about them and their clothing are far too boring and unimaginative when we are describing what they wear. That's why I have decided to use this page to plea to all and sundry to design and then send me some ideas for better burqas and niqaabs. Be artistic, be different! Think about materials. Would it be Islamically correct for example, to have a rubber burqa for the rain, with a relective plastic panel instead of a mesh? Or how about exaggerating those pleats at the back? Or what about doing something with the embroidery at the front? And it's not just burqas too! What can you do to make an Oman batula more exciting or a Morroccan haik? Any ideas sent in I promise to put up. Below are a few examples from the art world to get you going...

Burqa Art 1 Burqa Art 2 Burqa Art 3
Burqa Art 4
(only right above) Hussein Chalayan Spring/Summer 1998: "Between"

And here are the first entries, a couple of standard niqaabi styles, in rubber, kindly supplied by 'Latex Lady'. Enjoy!

Rubber 1 Rubber 2
Rubber 3 Rubber 4

Here's some interesting burqa-related artwork and ideas that have been sent in of late. First of all, some people can't get away from the idea of turning burqas into flags. This one seems to be for some sort of Flemish political party.

Burqa Flemish

And here we have some artwork by Zo' Strecker whose current installations involve a wide range of media and processes. For the Windows Project, the piece entitled 'Quotidian Blues' Considers Global Branding: What do we have to offer?' makes use of an imaginary brand name, logo, and clothing line. Her past work includes large scale public sculptures located at sites across the USA.

Burqa Art 11

Talking of art, here's something weird we found by a Dutch artist (I think):

Burqa Art 10

Someone called Emily Brondsema seems to have transformed our title picture into Britney Spears for her Communication Design class. Bravo Emily:

Burqa Britney Spears

Kind of the opposite. From Facebook with no artist name or commenting text but rather self explanatory:
(added June 2012)


Our author Peter has googled "models covered faces" and your editor have selected and commented these:
(added July 2015)

We start at the Amsterdam Fashion Week 2012 where designer Karssenberg-Greidanus presented the designs below. From a point of modesty and (especially to the right) veiling they are certainly not for outdoors use as the feet of the models suggest:

Rubber 1 Rubber 2

Makeup artist Beverly Crawford writes on her blog she was asked by a salon in her home town to do makeup for ‘Couture Collection 2012′. She obviously failed and they had to come up with something else:

Rubber 4

Next designer Sabina Bryntesson gives us some ideas for veiling in private or at festive occasions, especially if adding opera length gloves:

Sabina Bryntesson

Finally from Patty Carroll’s series Anonymous Women: Draped we show a photo of a scene we would all like to see for real:

Patty Carroll

Keep them coming please!