Letters from Saudi

by Dave Potter

Exclusively for the ‘Tales of the Veils’ website

Riyadh, 4th January, 2004

Hi Anne!

So, you want to know a bit about me do you? Well, sure, I’ll tell you everything you want to know but in return I can ask you everything, ok? That’s the idea of this project isn’t it, to share our lives, two girls, thousands of miles apart, both college students, both aged twenty, but maybe I think our lives will be revealed to be different, I don’t know. It was my husband who saw this project advertised and thought that it might be good for me, but I don’t know as I’ve never had a penfriend before and never written proper letters, although we women in Saudi do have plenty of experience in writing notes to one another. So, the idea is we send each other a letter every month and in doing so we learn about each others lives. Well, here is my first letter and now I wait for yours. So, please, tell me all about yourself Anne from Oklahoma!



Riyadh, 6th February, 2004

Hi Anne!

So here are the basics about me. Like I said before, I am twenty and I am a student. I study for my BA degree in Business Administration here at the Women’s College in Riyadh. My college, like yours, is a private one, and like everything in Saudi Arabia, very religious. You say that where you come from is religious too. From a Muslim point of view, Christianity is similar to us because we see Jesus as a prophet like Mohammed. The only difference is that you see him as God whereas that is blasphemy to us, so the difference is small really. Anyway, back to me, well, I have been studying here for three years now and I expect to finish my degree in about five years time, Insha’Allah, (That means ‘God willing’ and we say it all the time here in Arabia because everything happens only if God wills it to). I am lucky because here in Saudi not so many girls can study but my husband Ali is very forward-looking and says that he doesn’t mind me studying so long as I fulfil my obligations as a wife and continue to live in purdah. That is why I attend this college as it requires us to follow the obligations of purdah so that satisfies both my desire for learning and my husband’s concerns about my well-being. Anyway, that’s enough from me, tell me more about yourself. Are you married? You didn’t mention a husband in your mail.



Riyadh, 3rd March, 2004

Hi Anne

So many questions!!!! I hope I can answer then all, so let me see, first one:

Why is it taking me so long to do a degree?

Well, that’s a tough question to answer on its own, but ten years even is normal for a student in my college. Why? Because we women have more restrictions placed upon us and duties to fulfil than you perhaps do in Oklahoma, so it naturally takes us more time. To explain about those I shall have to answer your second question:

What is purdah?

Purdah is a way of life for all women here in Saudi. Basically purdah is living in a modest way, away from the public eye, as our religion prescribes. All of us girls live in such a way and that is one of the reasons why so few go to college as it is often difficult to live in purdah and be a good wife, but like I said, I have a very modern and understanding husband. In short though, a purdah-living woman should never leave her house except in the company of a mahram male. What is ‘mahram’? Well, father or brother, or, in my case, husband, and perhaps when I’m old, son. This is to make sure we are not tempted by the evils of the world and come to no harm. As a child I hardly ever left the house or indeed the women’s quarters. And when we do leave we must wear the niqaab, or ‘veil’ as you call it in the West. This is the law in Saudi and if I was found without it I would get arrested. There are many different types of veils, those that cover the eyes and those that don’t but my family is very pious so I have always worn a very strict veil that covers my eyes and is thick. Indeed, we generally wear the veil inside the house as well. Purdah is more than this though, as to us modesty is also about not making fast movements or tempting men with speech. Anyway, that’s enough about me, what about you? Is there any kind of purdah where you live and what do you wear to go out? Please reply soon,



Riyadh, 7th April, 2004

Hi Anne!

Thanks for your long reply and I’m happy that you’re so interested in my life here. I cannot imagine living as you do, showing your arms and legs, going out alone and talking freely to everyone, but I’m glad that you too would like to try living more modestly although I am interested as to why a more modest lifestyle might appeal to you. After all, the Western TV channels like CNN and Fox all seem to go on about how America is best because you have more freedom and they criticise us Muslims because of the modest dress that women wear so why might you go against this way of thinking? You asked me for more details about what I wear, so here we are, I’ll give you a detailed description of my school uniform.

I wake up for morning prayer and then eat with my husband in our room. Then I dress for school. Because our college is such a prestigious one, we have a very strict uniform which is as follows.

First of all I wear normal underwear, bra and pants.
Then I put on thick stockings and gloves that reach up to my elbows. These are very securely fastened so that they do not ride down during the day.
Then I wear maroon baggy bloomers that have elastic fasteners just below the knees and a maroon baggy shirt that has similar elastic fasteners at the wrists and around my neck. The shirt has the school logo on the front.
Then my hair is arranged. My hair is very long and it reaches to my hips. My maid combs it and then wraps it up so that it is in a ponytail and then bunched up behind my head.
Then a maroon scarf is wrapped around my head and another around the face so that only my face is free to the world.
I then put on a second pair of stockings and gloves. These are maroon and really stretchy.
Next I put on my gag. This is to ensure that I do not speak accidentally when at college as all speaking by females is strictly forbidden. My gag is an inflatable bulb that goes in my mouth and is fastened by means of two straps, one which goes around horizontally, across my cheeks and is secured at the back of my head and the second which goes vertically, splitting in two to go round my nose and then joining again and going over the top of my head, fastening onto the other strap at the back. The bottom half goes under my chin before splitting and rejoining where the fastening is at the back of my head. Then my maid inflates the bulb until my mouth is filled completely and there is pressure against my cheeks from the inside (the bulb) and the outside (the straps). Like this I am completely silenced as a lady should be. Through the middle though is a tube which is for drinking as I shall soon explain.
Next I put on my boots. These are made of leather and reach to my calves. They have heels of 10cm which help me to walk in a ladylike manner.
Now I put on my skirt and jacket. These are in maroon, the college colour and the jacket bears the logo. The skirt is very narrow and tight and has buttons up the side which my maid has to do up. Wearing it I can only make strides of around 20cm. The jacket is also tight as it is laced at the back and it has a very high collar which forces my head erect.
Next is my niqaab. This is in three layers. The first is georgette with a nose string and it leaves my eyes free. I wear this only when alone in the home. Next is a georgette veil that gives me limited sight. I wear this in college when working on the computer or walking alone. Finally there is a thick veil that blinds me completely. This is for all other wear. The niqaab is very smart, in black but with maroon trim and with the school’s logo tastefully positioned at the bottom on the right.


Next I wear an abayah in maroon. This is a floor-length coat with loose sleeves.
Then my maid puts on a leather belt with the school’s logo on the buckle. Fastened to the belt is a water bottle with a tube leading up from it, under my veils up to my gag where it connects with the tube through the inflated bulb. This is for me to drink all day so that I don’t get dehydrated wearing all those heavy layers. My wrists are attached to the belt with short chains. This allows me enough hand movement to write with or use the computer but nothing more. Then black woollen gloves are placed over the maroon ones.
Finally I wear an overhead khimar, a thick black garment that reaches to my knees and hides my chained hands completely. To the outside world I am black at the top, with a little maroon at the bottom wearing a black veil with a tasteful maroon trim. The khimar also has the school’s logo on it and my name and roll number so that I can be identified.

I suppose you wonder what it feels like to be wearing all these clothes. Well perhaps you are asking the wrong girl as I have always worn extremely modest clothing, even as a child and certainly after puberty, so I am very used to it, but even so it can be difficult at times. If you move too much you can heat up very easily and you have to accept that there are lots of things that it is impossible to do, from walking at more than a snail’s pace to scratching an itchy nose to removing your own veil. Also, wearing three pairs of gloves, writing is difficult and pens can slip out of your hand quite easily. However, at the same time, you also feel protected, safe in your little cocoon and of course happy that you are pleasing both your husband and your God.

Anyway, that’s enough from me; tell me more about your boyfriend, Anne!



Riyadh, 1st May, 2004

Hi Anne!

So sorry about that, I didn’t realise that you and Adam had split up now, that must be terrible. I cannot imagine life without Ali, he is such a good man and that is why I always try to be a good wife to him. Anyway, I’m glad that my description of how I dress interested you and that you have bought a niqaab from an online store and have worn it at home. Good girl, maybe I can make a modest girl of you yet?! Only joking! It was interesting though what you told me about why you were becoming attracted to a more modest lifestyle. I cannot imagine a life like the one you describe where a woman is always under pressure to have a sexy outward appearance and if she does not fit the role model set for her by society, then she suffers. I cannot believe that you felt so depressed when you were a teenager about your appearance that you even had your breasts enlarged cosmetically as a way to help boost your confidence, that to me is such an alien way of life! But I am not surprised that it didn’t work; beauty is an inner, not an outer thing Anne and it is only by being good people that we can become truly beautiful. I know that you are a beautiful person Anne, not because of your huge breasts, but because your letters to me are always full of warmth, friendship and love, and so I am very happy that you wish to live more modestly, although I am a little surprised at some of your requests. You want me to send you a gag like mine! Well that did surprise me the most, but I have included one with this letter and you don’t need to think about payment, it’s a present from one sister to another, or to be more exact, from my husband, who was most interested that my penfriend wanted a gag so he paid for it as an example of Arabian hospitality. As I said, he’s a good man.

Anyway, you wanted to know how I managed to do anything at all, let alone study wearing all those clothes. Well, I can tell you that it is perhaps not so easy, but to be a good Muslim we must undergo trials and I suppose trials on earth are far easier than the fires of hell, no? But anyway, I shall describe my school day.

Well, I am dressed by my maid, (I was so surprised when you said that you don’t have maids in Oklahoma, I could not survive without mine!), and the final layer of my niqaab is put down so that I am blinded completely. Then I stand and wait until Ali is ready and he leads me out to the car. I know when I’m outside cos it’s so hot but in the car I’m cool because of the air-con. Anyway, then we drive to the college and he leads me out of the car and into the foyer which is nice and cool. There I am guided to a seat where I wait patiently until the buzzer sounds. That signifies that all the students have been dropped off and there are no males in the building. Then our teachers come along and lift up our outer veils, (which we cannot do ourselves due to the chained hands), and we walk to class.

Our lectures last for three hours and we all sit on chairs in silence although we can take notes of course, and for that every student carries a pencil and notepad with her. The lecturers are all male so they sit behind a curtain so that they may not be tempted by our young female forms and they talk to us. Of course, gagged as we are, questions may not be asked in the normal way, but if we have any important ones, they are written down on a piece of paper and then posted in a pot on the desk in front of us. These are then collected by a female staff member an hour before lunch and taken to the lecturer who answers as many as he has time for.

As for lunch, it is of course impossible to eat due to our clothing, but we can socialise with other students. We go into a large communal room and sit together. We have conversations by passing notes to one another and this is only broken by the call to prayer. The only exception to this is when my husband has longing and requires my company. I carry a pager with me and if I am required this vibrates and I make my way to the entrance hall where a staff member replaces my outer veil and I wait for him to pick me up. On such days I rarely return to college afterwards, although sometimes he grants me this pleasure.

In the afternoons I do private research in the library. This involves reading books or checking on the internet. As for locating books, this is impossible due to our chained hands and limited sight, so we have to wait in queue, (often for a long time), for a library staff member, (always a boy below the age of 12), to locate the required book and deliver it to us. Consequently, our research takes a long times, as too does typing up assignments as there are only a few computers and it is difficult to type with three pairs of gloves on my hands. Furthermore, unlike you, we finish at around 2 in the afternoon and go to the entrance hall where our outer veils are replaced and we wait to be taken home.

Anyway, that is my school day and I think now you perhaps understand why a degree takes so long to complete here in Saudi.



Riyadh, 10th June, 2004

Hi Anne!

So, you’ve now taken to wearing niqaab outside occasionally and wearing a gag too. You truly are becoming my niqaabi sister. And you’re even thinking of converting to Islam! I do truly hope that you come to see the light in this way. Anyway, to help you on your journey, I have enclosed some gloves and stockings like the ones that I wear and a nice thick khimar as you requested.

You ask about my husband’s longing and me leaving college early to satisfy them. No, you don’t need to worry, we are sisters and you are not being too intrusive, I am happy to answer your questions. Well, the thing is, men have needs and it is our job as wives to provide for those needs. Of course, these needs are many such a cooking for them and cleaning the house, but most important are the sexual needs. The Qur’an teaches us that if our husband requires sex then we cannot refuse it to him, and so it is that when Ali has the urge, he pages me and I come. When it is during lunchtime and he has another engagement in the afternoon, it is often very short and to the point. He takes me home fully veiled and then I am guided to the sofa where he quickly undresses my lower half so he can gain access before having his way and then getting the maid to replace my skirt and boots and send me back to school. To be honest, this is not so pleasing to me as our night-time activities, but it satisfies him so I am happy and besides, there is something rather exciting about being ravished whilst totally blinded by veils.

Whilst I said before that Ali is a good man, then this is true, but the one area that we do differ is in sexual appetite as he wants to do it all the time and always seems to be thinking about sex. I did not mention this before, but before putting on my underwear in the morning, he also requires that I wear a small intruder in my love cave that can be electronically activated whenever he is thinking of me. Thankfully, this makes no sound but it does make concentrating in my lectures and library research very difficult sometimes!

You asked about why I leave so early from college when in America it is customary to finish closer to five o’ clock. Well, so it is in some colleges here in Saudi too and some of the girls at my college finish at that time also but the two o’ clock time is one decreed by my husband. To be honest, I would like to stay a little longer as I am often in the middle of my research when the time comes, but since he has been so kind as to allow me to study, I cannot begrudge him such a small thing and besides, he says that it is necessary to fulfil my duties as a good wife. Basically, I leave the college and am taken to my private chamber where the maid undresses me and I then dress in sports clothes and have to undertaken a period of vigorous exercise on a variety of gym machines that my husband has kindly bought for me. These include an exercise bike, treadmill and so on and it is necessary so as to keep my body toned and healthy and therefore pleasing to him because obviously, in full purdah clothing, then it is impossible to get sufficient exercise. After that I have my evening meal and prayers, and then I spend the evening preparing for my husband. My body is waxed and oiled, my hair styled and my make-up applied, and then I don the outfit that he has chosen for me that night. All the outfits are extremely sexy and he buys them on his visits to the West. They are things such as bikinis, baby doll dresses, and the latest one is a Playboy bunny outfit! To be honest, I cannot imagine ever wearing such things in public, partially because of their immodesty and partially because they turn me into some kind of sex object, but in the bedroom it is alright and besides, they please Ali who is always excited to see me and have a night between the covers. I only wish that it wasn’t every single night as the pampering can be a bit boring and the sessions exhaust me, particularly as I am required to awaken before him in the mornings and bring him to orally, but as I said before, these are the duties of a wife and so I suppose the only solution would be if he were to take a second wife.

Finally you asked about walking blinded and how it feels. Well, I can say that it is really different to walking normally, because you are completely in the hands of someone else; it is entirely up to them as to whether you stumble, go to the right place and are protected from danger. In that respect I suppose it can be a little frightening at first, but the key is to submit to them totally. That is what Islam means, submission to the Will of Allah, and similarly, I submit totally to the will of my husband who guides me when I walk blind and provides for my every need. That is why I am happy to service him whenever he wants. I must admit that when I first walked blind, straight after puberty, I was scared, it was so different to my free walking as a girl, but gradually I learned to trust more and these days it comes as second nature to me.

Anyway, that’s enough all about me, let’s get onto you, Anne! Please tell me all about if you took your Shahada and how it went!



Riyadh, 5th July, 2004

Hi Yasmin!

Wow I can’t believe your news! You’re now a Muslim and what’s more you took the name ‘Yasmin’ as your Islamic name because I was the one who guided you to the Light of Islam! That’s such a big honour, thank you; I feel really privileged calling you Yasmin by my name! You also talk about how wearing Islamic hijaab is not accepted where you are and that you’re parents are not happy. That’s a shame since you should always try to respect your parents, whatever, but if they are standing in the way between you and Allah, well, that is something different. Please persevere! You also say that you wish to live in some kind of purdah but that is impossible because of your lifestyle and studies. Yeah, I guess that is true, you can only live in purdah if there is a man to look after you and sadly that is something you don’t have at the moment, though Insha’Allah you shall find one soon. Really Anne, you need to think about getting married to a good Muslim man; why not try one of those Islamic dating sites on the internet? Incidentally, you know the photo that you sent me of yourself with your first letter? Well, I never looked at it because I prefer to know the inner beauty of people rather than the outside, but I showed Ali and he said that you are very pretty indeed and he was extremely surprised that you couldn’t find a good man.

Anyway, as always you have so many questions about my life, so let me try to answer them. First of all, you asked about second wives? Yes, of course my husband can marry again, Islam says that he can marry up to four times if he wishes, though I have to agree each time. As for me, would I like it or not, well, let me see. It would be hard having to share my beloved with someone else, but it would also lessen the strain on me of being called to his bedchamber every five minutes. If there were a second wife, I could have a full college day every two days and a proper rest in-between as well. Also, another wife would be like a sister in the house which would be company. We couldn’t chat of course due to observing full purdah, but we could sit in the garden and pass notes which would be nice. So, am I against him marrying again? On the whole, I suppose not, depending on the girl of course! Is that strange to you in America where you can only ever marry once? I suppose it must be.

You ask about other days when I am not at college. Well, let me tell you, the only day when we don’t attend college is a Friday and those days for me are very difficult, cos then we have to visit my mother-in-law. In Saudi families are very important and we all stick close together. Mothers live with their sons, but in my husband’s family there are four brothers, (and two sisters) and as Ali is the second son, we are spared her and she lives with his elder brother Mohammed instead. As for the other brothers, one is a Lieutenant in the Saudi Army and so lives across on the other side of the peninsular whilst the youngest is actually a doctor in a university and at the moment he lives in America, (though I don’t know if it is anywhere near to you – I asked Ali the name of the university but he can’t remember) His two sisters are of course married and so a part of their husbands’ families now. My mother-in-law (and Ali’s elder brother Ahmed who is very religious) believes in extremely strict purdah indeed, and looks on my lifestyle as lax in the extreme and often admonishes Ali for it. In her opinion I should be in purdah 24/7 and certainly not going to college, writing to Westerners or spending hours being pampered. She rules the females of Mohammed’s household with a rod of iron. There are six of them in total, Mohammed’s two wives and their four daughters. All of them are required to wear thick, almost blinding veils inside the house and indeed they rarely if at all ever do leave the house. Most shocking however, is what they wear under all those veils. Their arms are restrained at all times, usually cuffed behind their backs so that we cannot pass notes to one another like I do with my college friends, but most scary of all are the masks that they wear. These are made of black plastic and whilst moulded to fit the face exactly on the inside, are completely smooth on the outside, giving no trace of facial features whatsoever. These are worn so that all traces of individuality are erased completely. This might sound a little strange as you might expect a veil so thick that it almost blinds someone to also be thick enough to hide all the face’s features, but in fact it is often possible to see the outline of a nose or even the lips through a veil and so recognise who is behind it, but with these masks there is a smooth expanse, with no trace of a nose, or lips at all. My mother-in-law regards this as important as she is a very strict Muslimah who sees all expressions of individualism as egoism and therefore evil. If we erase our character completely, then in her mind we can get closer to Allah. Now this may (or may not) be true but wearing one of these masks is horrible; they are hot and make your face sticky and seeing through them is difficult as they just have two pinholes which have to be aligned very precisely to your eyes and then beyond that there is the thick veil of course, so one is at best almost blind and at worst, when the light is dim or the holes aren’t aligned, totally without sight. I know all about this because I am forced to don one every Friday when we visit her and I am glad to take it off at the end of the day. My relatives however, have no such relief and indeed they are required to be masked even in bed, even during intercourse. Their whole lives are silent and hidden, it is very strange. The greatest trials for me come whenever my husband has to travel overseas for business. As it would be wrong to leave a wife unattended, I am required to stay with my mother-in-law which means wearing the hateful mask and handcuffs. It is a trial but I have to say it does help focus my mind towards Allah and also the safe return of my husband so I suppose I should not complain so bitterly, although I wish I did not have to break my studies for so long.

Anyway, that’s enough for this week. I enclose with this letter a pair of boots like mine as a present and also a short message from Ali, (I do not know what it is about but he insisted I include it). I pray that you find a suitable husband soon, so that you can live in purdah too. Who knows, perhaps you shall find a good Saudi man and we can meet one day, (although not see each other of course!).



Riyadh, 24th August, 2004


I cannot believe it, I am so happy! I never at once thought that Ali’s note inserted in my last package was a proposal of marriage and that you would accept! By the time that you read this we shall be sisters for real and so I suppose I shouldn’t call you Yasmin or Anne at all, but Second Wife! I really can’t believe that you are coming here and we shall be one happy family. We have only been writing to each other for 8 months yet we are already so close, the closest that two women can be! When I read in your letter and Ali told me formally, I was overjoyed and wept with happiness. It will be difficult at times for you, but I know that you shall be happy and I shall always support you.

Ali says that you can continue your degree in the same college as me and we have ordered a complete uniform for you ready for when you arrive here. In the meantime, Ali has taken across a suitable set of clothes which I am afraid was provided by his mother and contains the mask that I was telling you about. Incidentally, his mother is very happy that he is marrying again and has given him a lecture on making sure you live in strict purdah, how much he will take on board I don’t know! I can’t wait to be able to hold your (gloved) hand, sit together in the garden, and share our home and college life together. Still, before that Ali has provided me with a special treat although I must admit it is one that I am a little apprehensive about. To say thank you for my acquiescence of his marriage to you and because he fully believes that a husband should treat all wives equally, he has decided to pay for me to have my breasts cosmetically enlarged just like yours. I told him that I wasn’t sure that this was something I wanted but he replied that he was afraid that when you joined our household, I would become jealous that your breasts were larger than mine and so the only way he could stop that was to have mine enlarged as well. Oh well, I suppose he has my best interests at heart, but it has meant yet more time away from college! So last week I went to the special women’s hospital here in Riyadh where I was put under anaesthetic and when I woke up my breasts were bandaged and felt much heavier and very sore. I then spent two days in hospital recovering before I returned home, my breasts still bandaged. The bandages have now gone but my poor breasts are still very bruised. What is more disturbing however, is their size. I now have to take size 38E bras and their weight and size is most difficult to get used to. How was it for you went you had your operation? You must tell me when we sit in the garden together as sisters.

Please think of me whilst you celebrate your wedding night, for the next two weeks whilst he travels to America for your wedding and honeymoon, I am sentenced to stay with mother-in-law, silent and masked, eagerly awaiting his (and your!) return. As soon as I have finished writing this letter, I shall be masked and veiled and led out to the car to take me to that place. Indeed, my – no, our – husband stands waiting now. I must prepare myself and leave you dearest sister.

All my love and kisses!

First Wife

Riyadh, 14th November, 2004

My dearest younger brother!

I promised to write to you after I had settled down back here in Riyadh with my new wife and tell you how things are going. Well, I am about a month too late, and for that I apologise but the reason for this delay is that things are going better than even I anticipated and so for that I should only be thankful.

Thankful to Allah first and foremost of course, for all of His beautiful creations, but after that, thankful to you, for without your guidance my life would not be what it is today. After all, it was you who went out to America to study and work, and it was you who told me all about the life – and the women! – there. Prior to your letters, I thought that life could not get any better than that which I enjoyed with Yasmin here in Riyadh. As you know, from the day of our marriage we have been so happy together. Everyday I delighted in seeing her veiled and restrained as a good woman should be and then every night I delighted in her excellent administrations in the bedroom, clad in the sexiest of outfits. Had you told me a year ago that my life now would be even better I would have called you a liar but indeed, it is true!

As you know, my trip to the US was successful. I did not see my second Yasmin unveiled prior to our wedding as you well know, but even that period was interesting and fruitful for me. Unlike Yasmin #1 whose clothing I have always chosen personally, Yasmin #2 was forced to provide her own veils and because of her interest in the subject, she did so in a most creative manner. Independently she researched veiling customs from around the world and when I first met her she was wearing a burqa which I knew all about from watching newsreels of Afghanistan but I had never seen one in real life. Well, these things are really quite beautiful, they cover the body completely except for a small mesh for the girl to see through and have a really nice form to them, particularly when she walks and they swish about. The one that she first wore was in silken blue cloth so captivated me that I knew that I would soon be buying them for both my wives and so it has proved. I had a look on the internet site where she had bought hers and picked out a great number including some Pakistani ones that have two separate eye meshes. I really recommend you research these as seeing my wives wear them makes me so horny it is unbelievable! Try it out, bro! Over the weeks that followed Yasmin #2 showed me more items from her collection and I have incorporated many into the current wardrobes of both my wives such as rubands from Iran and Pak chadors. It really has been a voyage of discovery for me; we forget how similar and at times dull Saudi veiling can be. For me, who has for so long been transfixed by the sight of a veiled female, this was a revelation and I daily plan with relish the items that they are to wear.


But it did not stop there! On our wedding night when I first caught sight of my lovely new bride, I then learnt that there were just as many joys beneath the covers as it were. Yasmin #2 was wearing a wedding dress under her white wedding burqa, but under that was a fine garment called a corset which compressed her waist into a slender and most alluring tube and forced her ample fake breasts up and out. I asked her about this corset and she explained that corsets have long been a ‘kink’ that she enjoys, (a ‘kink’ apparently, is some sort of sordid enjoyment, I am learning all these kinds of words), as she likes it to be laced so tight that she has difficulty in breathing. Later she showed me pictures of tightly-laced women in olden times when these corsets were worn by all Western women and the tiny sizes that could be achieved. I love lacing up her corset and trying to get her waist as tiny as can be so that I can encircle it with my two hands. The pleasure is exquisite, and I now expect Yasmin #1 to wear one which I am afraid to say, she does not appreciate.

Yasmin #1 is not as happy with things now as I am. I think she expected the arrival of a second wife to mean that she can spend more time in her beloved college and less time in bed. Well, in one way she was right as I now enjoy her every other night as our faith prescribes, but I still insist that she leaves college at two and complete her exercises as previously. After that though, I have installed a new regime. Whilst the one wife gets pampered and prepared for my visit as before, the other must dress in the veils of my choice and join me downstairs in watching TV or, as is most common, in playing games. As you know better than most, I have long been a devotee of backgammon and chess, but have struggled to find someone to play with, yet now I can play every night with a veiled and silenced female. The pleasure is immense, so overwhelming you cannot imagine. To sit before an exquisite veiled creature who feels honoured because you are giving her use of her arms, and to watched a silken gloved hand sneak out from under her garments to move a piece or roll a dice whilst all the while you are preparing yourself mentally and physically to ravish her veiled sister upstairs who is busy being turned into your sexual fantasy as you play, well, all I can say is that you have to experience it to understand it.

Another modification to their regime which has not pleased #1 is my lunchtime urges. Again, I think that she had hoped that these would be halved, #2 sharing the workload as it were, but I have decided to stamp my authority, increase my pleasure and follow our faith correctly here too. When I feel the urge for release at lunchtime, I page both and have them both sent home. Then I have both upended over the bed so that their delightful rear ends are on display side by side. I then leave the matter up to Allah, by tossing a coin, heads #1 and tails #2, although of course, whilst enjoying one, the second gets a good groping or slapping. No, #1 does not appreciate this change, especially since she misses just as much of her precious college as before, although #2, with her ‘kinks’ seems to be quite turned on by it all!

The fake breasts too give me endless happiness. Of course large breasts are fun for any man and whilst I appreciate that many males prefer the natural breast, for me everything about my wives is symbolised by those enormous fun bags. Neither of them is entirely happy with their breasts and both had them done for the pleasure of men. They are such a potent symbol of their transformation into sexual playthings, my sexual playthings. And that thought excites me every time. What excites me equally is that for my birthday, I have booked both Yasmins in for nipple piercing as a further symbol of my domination. Neither know of it yet and both will see it as a gift from me, not for me!

Yasmin #2 has adjusted better to Saudi life than I expected. I think she was looking for some stability and perhaps, dare I say, domination in Oklahoma and we can provide that. I even think she gets a kick out of visiting mother and wearing her purdah mask even though #1 absolutely detests it.

When will all of this happiness end, well, I don’t know. When I lose sexual interest in them I suppose, though at the moment that seems years off as the competition for my affections seems to spur both on to bigger and better things in the bedroom. Well, that and #2’s American experience that she has passed onto #1 and my research into various aids and bondage items on the internet. As you know, I had initially chosen #1 for her breeding potential (brains, wide hips, etc), but had decided to put her on the pill for a few years until I had tired of her sexually. Well, at present they’re both on the pill and won’t be off it until past thirty at least, at which point I can see a third wife being a desirable acquisition. Then I might let them breed to their heart’s desires, but at present I can’t bear to do without them in my bed.

Oh I could go on and on about my new life, but I shall have to end here, as #2 has arrived to play backgammon with me and she is wearing a heavenly white outfit, with a nose-string niqaab, two outer veils and white silken gloves that are slipping out from under her cloak ready to lift the outermost veil so she can catch a glimpse of me and I an intimation of the heavenly being beneath those layers. And so, I shall end by again saying thank you. For showing me that purdah can be sensual, as opposed to the sterile purdah that mother and Ahmed advocate, thank you. For pestering me all those times to marry a second wife, thank you. For telling me about the female pen friend exchange, thank you. For selecting Anne Kennedy as a suitable candidate amongst your undergraduate students for writing to my wife, thank you. For talking to your inquisitive student about Islam and Saudi Arabia, thank you. For being the best brother a man could ask for, thank you.



Copyright © 2009, Dave Potter