A veiled world

by Burka Lover


A bit of history

Benjamin Klass, a wealthy and influential businessman, had always been fascinated with veiled women. His fetish was so great, he used to make frequent trips to Arab nations just to get a glimpse of the veiled women there. It was during one of his internet browsing sessions, that he found a site that catered to his fetishes. The site was Tales of the Veils. Veiling stories, news, images abounded the site. Benjamin, inspired by the real life-like stories, drew inspiration from the fictional accounts and hatched a plan. The plan, as it was later named and glorified as the "The Founding" led to the creation of Veiled Community International.

Benjamin introduced an offer, promotion and hike to all the women in his organization, who would adopt veiling in company premises. The incentives trumped the discomfort caused by veiling and the practice became an instant hit. The organization's profits soared as men became focused on their work instead of ogling and impressing women. Women employees became focused on work instead of trying to look pretty for the men. So effective was the move, that other organizations started implementing their own version of the move. Within a year, most of the world's professional workspace had transitioned to this culture.

Now, Benjamin implemented the second phase of his plan. Introducing the veiling lifestyle to the masses, to the residential life. To do this, he first introduced veiling to the upper class society. Over a series of parties, hosted at his mansion, he paraded models and waitresses wearing veils. Several high society ladies had come wearing thin, almost see-through veils. Benjamin was infuriated by the sheer disrespect of the veil, however, persisted with this approach. Slowly, as the veils became more of a fashion statement, they became more normal in his parties. The trend also caught with other influential people and the foundation for what would later be called "Veiled Community International" was laid.

With the influential and wealthy wholeheartedly adopting a veiled lifestyle for women, the veil became a symbol of a person's prestige and social standing. The more restricting the veil, the wealthy the person. A woman, who very strictly restricted her movements beneath the veil, showed the family's power. The veils, however, were not restricted to only one gender. Even men, who had feminine tendencies (more naturally called crossdressers or transvestite) also adopted veils. Such households, which had a female superior, would see the men in hobbling dresses, veiled and gagged, being paraded over the parties.

Benjamin, as a founder of the Veiled Community International, created a board of directors for the community. They were responsible for maintaining the veiling practice within the influential and upper class strata of the society. As such, a new lifestyle got introduced among the wealthy and veiling became a way of life for the higher class and wealthy society.

A restrictive wedding night

One could not argue that, Julius Kuren was the happiest man on the planet. Today, he was going to marry Veronica, whom he had courted for over a year in a modest wedding planned by her parents in a chapel. Veronica was the daughter of Richard and Fatima Lax. Fatima was a Muslim immigrant who had fallen in love with Richard Lax, who was the CEO of the company where Fatima worked. Unbeknownst to Fatima, Richard had been a long time member of the Veiled Community International (VCI). Thus, marrying Richard had only made Fatima dress as strictly as possible beneath her veils and normally she carried a contingent of maids to help with her daily tasks.

Today, however, was Veronica's lucky day and as such Fatima had let go of her restrictions and donned a designer green abaya. Her head was covered in an equally stunning niqab. Her gloved hands were held in Richard's as she awaited the arrival of her daughter, Veronica. Inside the niqab however, Fatima was wearing a severe leather hood, which compressed the face. Her vision was clear, as Fatima wanted to witness the big day of her daughter.

Julius on the other hand, had dressed in a white blazer, with black pants. He sported designer shoes and he had made good use of his money to look absolutely modest on the big day. Julius was an orphan who had lost his parents quite early in his life. But, rather than lose hope and forget about his life, Julius worked hard and at quite a young age landed a job in a small time IT company. Over the next few years, he worked hard, learned new things and eventually he started his own organization. Julius knew that he would need a lot of capital to sustain such a big organization. So he enlisted the help of the VCI. He approved to become a part of the community circle and in return got a huge boost from the VCI community.

It was there, that Richard got to know about the up and coming businessman, who had made it big at such a young age. Acquaintance became friendship and friendship turned to a trustworthy relation. In just two years of starting a new organization, Julius had helped Richard make a profit of hundred million dollars. It was during this time, that Richard asked Julius if he would like to meet his daughter Veronica.

Veronica had just returned from the Middle East, where she had been pursuing her education. The education was focused on house making, as Richard was of the view that women should remain at home to take care of the family. Fatima, who had had a conservative upbringing also supported his decision and as soon as Veronica had hit puberty, she was packed off to the Middle East, to live with her maternal uncle's family and learn to run a house.

Veronica's training, at her maternal uncle's house, had really changed her. Veronica, now became shy and observant. She also took up voluntarily gagging herself so as to not hurt or tempt the males in the house. Veronica learned knitting and cooking while veiled. She also learned about various bondage instruments and positions as she helped the women of house in getting ready for the day. In the five years that she remained with her maternal uncle, Veronica had become a pious muslimah, even though she was not technically a Muslim.

Julius and Veronica met each other almost daily during their courting period. Veronica was always the silent one. She was always the veiled one. Julius was a level headed man. He had known that when he joined the VCI community, women would be modest and veiled. He accepted the fact and relished their modesty, their meekness, their shy yet observant nature. He was happy that he could get to know Veronica at an intimate level and not become carried away by her beauty and form. Thus, one day, after a year of courting, Julius formally asked Richard, for Veronica's hand in marriage.

A hush fell through the crowd as the bride slowly made her way to the altar. Dressed in complete white, Veronica was a sight to behold. A long dress, which became narrower from the hips to her feet hobbled her high heeled feet. A long train, trailed behind her dress. Her arms, were held close to her body by a white straightjacket. Her head held high by a diamond studded posture collar. However the most striking and beautiful fact about Veronica was the smooth white latex hood that graced her head. It only had two openings for her nostrils and rest of it was white milkiness. It was covered by a thick white veil, that had been fixed on her head. The veil only provided a small glimpse of the hooded head.

It took some time for a hobbled Veronica to reach the altar. Julius was already at his place, waiting for her. As Veronica reached the stage, she was heaving through her nostrils. Her ample breasts were moving up and down with each torturous breath. Veronica had been put in a restricting bone corset, which constricted her waist and led to laboured breathing. She was quite grateful when at last she stopped. Veronica waited in a whitish darkness. She could not see as there were no eye holes for her hood. And she could not speak about her distress as her mouth was stuffed with a huge white ball gag. She could, however, hear the priest reciting the vows. For each vow, her recorded voice would say 'I do' as Veronica virtually signed her life away to Julius.

Veronica's assessment of Julius was not all bad. He was good looking, as she had seen his photo in a newspaper. He was polite and a gentleman. He always took care of her and listened carefully for all her needs. Veronica was sure she would be happy with him. But, she still felt something was missing. Veronica hoped, though, that the letter she had written to Julius would help fix the missing thing.

Soon the vows were done and there was a great applause. Veronica felt Julius's lips kissing her ball gag. Veronica tried to get her lips together to touch his lips, but to no avail. The gag had quite rigidly kept her mouth open. Veronica felt a tug on her bound hands and she was led somewhere and seated at last.

'Heaven' Veronica thought. Her feet were killing her.

Julius saw his hooded and veiled wife, sitting perched on a straight backed chair in the corner of the hall. Julius felt pity at times for the role women had been delegated to, at such an important day of their life. Julius, however, refused to get bogged down by the negative thoughts and thoroughly enjoyed the dinner. He mingled with people and remained with Richard and Fatima till the end of the day, when every friend and member had left the hall.

"Come Julius, we will retire to the study and allow Fatima to make Veronica ready for her big night." Richard said, and escorted Julius from the chapel.

Fatima helped Veronica get up and started slowly escorting her to the room designated for the wedding night.

"Veronica dear, I know you can hear me. Do you really want to continue without drinks and food?" Fatima asked.

Veronica tried to nod her head. Since Fatima did not ask any further questions, Veronica assumed that her mother had accepted her reply.

"Alright, I will leave the letter that you wanted to give to Julius here on the table. Good luck dear" Fatima said and left.

For how much time Veronica sat alone and in restrictions she did not know. But, after some time the door opened and closed. Veronica once again felt lips on her gag. Veronica tried to lean into Julius, but he moved away from her.

"Not so soon wifey. I see, you have left a letter for me."

Veronica heard him opening the letter. She felt a wetness in her pussy with the anticipation of what the contents of the letter would mean for her life and their marriage. Julius began reading.

'My dear husband,

Enclosed in this letter you will find a legal document and a note. You are now reading the note. I will try to summarize my wishes and want you to know that the contract describes the wishes in detail.

From the time that I have returned from my training in the middle east, I have felt that something is missing. But, in the whirlwind of courting you and then the marriage I somehow stopped searching for it. But do not worry, as I have found what I was missing and hope dearly, that you as my loving husband will fulfill my wishes.

These are my wishes:

  1. 24/7 bondage and veiling

  2. A maid be kept for my daily duties. As my constant restricted state would not allow for daily duties.

  3. I be constantly kept in sexual arousal and frustration.

  4. This may seem the hardest of all choices for you my dear. I have seen you love me, for what I am and not for what I look. I fear I will lose you if you see me change and become less beautiful with age, thus it is my wish to always remain hooded and veiled till my death.

I have signed the contract mentioning the above points and a few more points and enclosed it with the letter.

Your dear wife,


Julius was silent for some time. Veronica felt she has broken her marriage even before it was consummated. Tears of sorrow started forming in her eyes beneath the hood.

"Your wishes are my commands, dear wife. I promise you today that I will do everything in my power to make all of your wishes come true." Julius said, emphatically from his position.

'mmmmmmmmmmm --- mmmmmmmmm' Veronica moaned in happiness.

Thereafter, Julius carefully stripped Veronica. First, the high heels were removed. Then the straightjacket. Then, sensually Julius removed her dress.

Veronica, held her breath, as Julius explored her sumptuous body. Her breath hitched every time his touch hovered over her nipples or her pussy. However, more than that, there was an elation. Julius did not even try to remove her posture collar, her hood or the veil. He touched her hooded face through the veil. He lifted the veil and kissed all over her face. But, for the remainder of the night Veronica remained blind and gagged, only aware of the pleasant sensations that Julius provided her with his ample manhood.

After enjoying the sensations and fruits of sex both of them drifted off to sleep.


A truly restrictive married life awaited Veronica in the future and Veronica was going to enjoy every bit of it with Julius.

Should it be continued? ...