Faceless Love

by Bo_Emp


Lesen Sie diese Geschichte in deutscher Sprache: Verborgene Liebe

Author's note:
This story is initiated by a 'pass story' from the no longer existing Yahoo group Facelessfetishes (message 59, March 2006), which ends abruptly with "And then she touches Jake on the shoulder".


"Welcome to Arabia", said the faceless female voice over the airplane speakers. 'Finally,' thought Jake, a tourist from Canada, 'I'm here.'

Jake was very tired of his life in Canada, so he had decided to take some vacation and go to Arabia. Here he hopes to find the love of his life, since his romantic life in Canada was a shame.

Jake calls a taxi and asks him to drive him to the nearest hotel. While driving Jake is amazed by what he is seeing. The streets are filled with women covered in their veils. 'This is heaven,' Jake says to himself.

Reaching the hotel reception his excitement rises even more.

"How may I help you?" a black silk face asks.

'I sure hope this is the hotel uniform,' he thinks.

"I have talked to you before I think, because it is the same voice I heard on the phone. Is my room ok?"

"Sure Mister Jake." replies the black silk face girl.

"It is the number 23 on the second floor."

"Ok, uh, thanks!" Jake stammers a bit as he walks towards the elevator. His excitement is now overwhelming him somewhat. Something he had *NEVER* experienced back home! Trying to hide an involuntary blush and grin and hoping he can get into his room before something even more embarrassing could happen. The elevator doors open, and a sea of walking tents flood out around him. It is too late. All Jake can do is huddle against the wall and hope no one notices the bulge in his pants and the beet-red color of his face! And if that isn't enough, a gloved hand shoots through the crack of the closing doors to stop them. She bows as she steps in, but says nothing, the only noise being a somewhat heavier than normal breathing that is hard to hear against Jake's own. Also unusual is her red outfit and multi- colored face veil. Jake somehow has to make it into his room without her noticing his, um, problem. He doesn't get very far. Before the elevator even reaches the second floor, a muffled chuckle is coming out from under that red tent. The chuckle sounds strange, but all it does to Jake is make him wish men could veil... And then she touches Jake on the shoulder. Her gloved hands holds his face tight, and her veiled face brushes over his face caressing him. Then her veiled mouth presses against his in a kiss that is not a kiss. It is extacy. As the doors are about to open, she lets him go and moves to the other side of the elevator, standing as if she had never even looked at him. They both step out. Jake looks around to find out which direction to take. But his elevator love leads him down the corridor to room 23. She follows him inside and closes the door behind them.

Before he tries to say something a gloved finger is on his mouth, and a gloved hand unbuckles his belt. While his pants slide down, his head is once again locked between gloved hands and his face caressed by a silk face. He is forced down on the bed and soon feels his rock hard member is pushed into a wet cave. It's a miracle he didn't come in his pants, but now it seems to have found the right place, his pressure is released.

After a minute the red silk love machine says with her muffled voice

"I am the fulfillment of your dreams. But to keep the excitement of our relationship, I'll only speak for two minutes after each time we have made love. And I'll only show you my face once a week for one minute before we make love. After we are married. When I come to you dressed as now in colorful veils, you may try anything with me except force. Black covered women will come to serve you. It will most often be staff, but it might be me. Just watch them and respond only, if asked. But you may of course order food, drinks and other material things. I think tim.."

A beeper sounds under her covering. The dream flows out into the bathroom. Jake slaps his arm. Yes he is awake. He is not good at voices or accents, but it could be someone from home. He is too excited and shocked to think. After some minutes his red tent is back. She gestures him to use the bathroom and then sits down legs folded facing the wall and face down in her lap. As Jake comes out of the bathroom after a long bath, it looks like she haven't moved. Shortly after there is a knocking on the door. He opens.

"Your suitcase Mr. Jake. And the light meal you ordered," says the black covered woman with a young voice.

Jake is surprised and turns to look at his red tent, but she still looks like she haven't moved since she came out of the bathroom. But it sounds nice.

"Come in please," he says and steps away from the door.

First his suitcase is put on the low shelf next to the closet. Then a table on wheels is rolled in. It contains two covered plates, two glases and an open bottle of champagne. The black subject fills both glases and takes two chairs at the wall and places them on each side of the table.

"Please taste the wine, while I empty your suitcase. Then you can eat undisturbed in a minute," she says.

Before Jake is seated efficient gloved hands have opened the closet and his suitcase, and are arranging his clothes inside the closet in a way it wasn't in the suitcase and has never been at home. The black whirlwind closes the lid of his suitcase and leaves closing the door behind her.

His red dream rises, now with the lower part of her face covering hanging down from the face opening of her red head covering. She removes the lids of the plates and sits down. It looks delicious, but before Jake has moved his hands towards the plate, he is met by an outstretched gloved hand holding a glass. He strikes his glass against hers and they drink. She by lifting her veil a little with the other hand. But he doesn't see her chin. After the meal she gets up, turns around, and when facing him again her veil is again a nearly contourless surface inside the frame of the head covering. She fills his glass and walks to the door. As she turns and bows to him he impulsively says

"When will I see you again?"

She nods her head and leaves. After emptying the bottle Jake just lies down on the bed soon dreaming about faceless tents beautifully moving around. He is taken out of his dreams by a knocking on the door. While getting up he looks at the clock. It's half past seven. The black figure outside the door says

"Your dinner Mr. Jake."

A new table is wheeled in and replaces the first table, which the veiled figure takes with her as she leaves. Jake looks at the table. This time it is only set for one. He turns on the TV, while eating. After a little zapping he finds an American rock star he likes. It's a concert from around here somewhere, because at the occasional glimpses of the audience, it's either long white robes and checkered head coverings or black faceless figures. All swinging and clapping in their seats, but some, even the blacks, are dancing between the chairs. Good music and dancing tents is good entertainment.

As the concert is over he zaps some more. He finds an Arabic version of the Millionaire game show. And yes now three faceless blacks competes with some checkered head coverings about coming in the chair. And a faceless woman wins. Jake enjoys watching the show, even though he doesn't understand a word of it. He just hopes she will make it all the way. Unfortunately at a quarter of a million the time is out.

He turns off the TV and thinks about, if there is somewhere he might go in the evening. It's close to eleven and he could of course go to sleep. But then there is another knocking on the door. Outside are four women, the three of them in featureless black gowns. The arms do not show and the gown cover the face as well. A muffled voice says

"Your entertainment Mr. Jake."

The woman showing arms guides him to sit on his bed and puts his pillow comfortably at his back. Then she moves the chairs out to the wall and starts a CD. Oriental dance music gradually becomes louder, while she takes the dinner table and leaves. The black gowns start moving to the music. As they start moving their arms, the gowns are lifted. This differentiates their sides from the front and back. They are turning, but when their arms are down the sides, it's a featureless cylinder turning. Front, back and sides do not exist. Jake is excited. Faceless lovelies dancing just for him. The music increases gradually both in volume and rythm. The movements of the three black gowns changes accordingly. After perhaps ten minutes the music reaches a climax and the three dancers remove their gowns on the same beat. In the short silent interval following the gowns are dropped on the door. Now they appear dressed like harem girls in thin loose chiffon dresses with sequines. But all the fabric is black. And they are dressed in black under the partly see- through chiffon. No skin is seen. Feet are covered, they are gloved and the head is a black ball behind a chiffon veil. The music is slowly increasing again. Now it is even more erotic, as moving hips and seducingly arm movements are seen. Jake is unsure if his bulging member will make it to the end. And what will he do when it ends? But now he just enjoys he can let his exitement show, as the lovelies must know what to look for, to see if their performance is succesful. Jake shows it is.

They are now closing in on the bed. One dancing on each side and one at the end. At the next musical climax they are leaning over the bed all three. At the final beat the two at the sides bows down covering his face from each side with their soft chiffon veils, while the third jumps between his legs and puts her head to his chest. The women at the sides moves back, while the next piece of music starts very low and slow. The woman in the middle is on top of him and has pulled his pants down. In the coming minutes she lets him enter her and Jake makes love for the second time today.

As the woman gets out of the bed, the bed lamps are the only lights in the room. The music has been turned off, and the women all silently leave the room.

'Was it his red love in a different costume?' Jake wonders before he falls asleep fully dressed.


The phone on the bed table rings.

"This is your ordered wake up call Mr. Jake," a female voice says. "It's half past eight. In thirty minutes your breakfast will arrive."

While flying down here Jake had worried that the days might be long, as the country doesn't have many tourist attractions or any night life, but during his bath he is just looking forward to the arrangements, he is now sure have been made. Breakfast is of course delivered by a black faceless woman, who even doesn't say a word. Is it his red love?

Next to the the plate is a business card in Arabic. When finished eating Jake goes down to the reception and shows the card.

"One of the finest shops around, Mr. Jake," it comes from the lovely female voice behind the black cover. "It's very close by in the souq. Do you want one of our staff to take you there?"

"Yes I would like that, thank you," Jake says.

The receptionist sounds a bell, and a black fully cloaked faceless beauty elegantly slides towards him. The receptionist holds the card for her to see before handing it back to Jake. Then she says

"Take Mr. Jake to Al Ruban's shop." Then she turns to Jake

"Mr. Jake do not walk beside your guide. It is not the custom here. Walk a little behind and look at the shoes."

As the cloaked woman slides towards the exit, she shortly lifts her cloak a little from the floor and reveals red stiletto heels. Jake follows five metres behind with a loving notion.

It's hard for Jake to follow. He is constantly distracted by other black forms that he just has to give a closer look. And when he looks back in the direction of the red shoes, he just sees a number of black cloaks. Which one is he following? Fortunately she stops and lifts her cloak a little from time to time. After five minutes he is the only Westerner in a narrow street among white robes and black tents. His only landmark is a glimpse of red from time to time. After a few more minutes the stilettoes are standing outside a shop. She bows towards the door and then faces the shop window, while Jake passes her.

Inside he is received by a young man in a white robe and checkered head cover saying

"It's Mr. Jake I presume. Please come with me to make a few measurements for the things you've ordered." After measuring the shop assistant says

"Would you like coffee or tea, while waiting for the final adjustments?" Jake is taken to a small table with fruit and sweets. Behind it is a rack with a large selection of magazines for men.

"Coffee please," Jake says while taking a magazine about cars.

Jake is still buried in the magazine, when the shop assistant approaches him.

"Your clothes is ready Mr. Jake. But if you like to finish the magazine, just leave the table when you're ready."

"I'll read a little more, thank you," Jake says.

As soon as he puts the magazine back in the rack the shop assistant is ready to guide him to a changing room. The shop assistant says

"There are three shirts and three pairs of trousers, but you only need to try one of each. If what you try fits and you later find out the other things don't fit, we correct the error and give you another one free for your trouble."

Shortly after Jake is dressed in a white shirt and a khaki pair of trousers of hand tailored quality. It fits him perfectly. He walks out of the changing room immediately meeting the shop assistant.

"You've done a high quality job. I'd like to keep this on," Jake says.

"Of course Mr. Jake. I'll put the clothes you arrived in with the two other new sets, which we will bring to your hotel. And now the thobe and ghutra. Come with me please."

Jake isn't quite sure what this means, but now he is a little worried about an overdraw as well. But his experiences so far has been so pleasant, that he is willing to pay nearly anything. The shop assistant holds a white robe with a subtle gold edging open for him.

"Do you like me to help you with the ghutra? If you like to keep it on as well, an experienced Arab hand will add the final touch."

"Yes please help me. Yes I like to keep it on as well," Jake says, while looking in a full length mirror at the ghutra being fitted and a head band placed to hold it.

'With a little tan and perhaps a moustache I might go for an Arab now, as long as I keep my mouth shut,' Jake says to himself.

"Now you will be welcomed anywhere in our country," the shop assistant says, while walking towards a counter.

"The payment has been settled. So if you just sign here on the receipt, then I just wish you a happy day, and hope to see you again soon."

Jake is happily surprised. If this has been ordered by his red lover, then she now has given him an extravagant physical present as well, Jake thinks as he looks at the numbers he signs for. But as he turns towards the door he says

"Well there's one more thing. Could you tell me the way to the hotel please?"

"It's a little complicated, but I'll find someone to take you there. Just a moment." the shop assistant says and goes out back. In less than two minutes he is back with a black veiled woman carrying a red bag over her shoulder.

"Just follow her without getting too close," the shop assistant says.

"Yes thank you, I know this custom," Jake says continuing "Thank you for guiding me Miss, I'm not in a hurry, so if you want to take a detour and do a little shopping, please do."

The woman nods appearantly understanding his English, and walks out. Jake leaves ten seconds later. The woman moves very slowly giving Jake lots of time to look at all the faceless black tents passing him. 'Are they fifteen or fifty? Is his lover young or old? She is right. It's fascinating he doesn't know. He only knows that she knows him, wants to make love with him, and now perhaps that she is well off. Is it her guiding him?' She has stopped at a newsstand and buys a magazine. After paying she flips through the magazine for a minute before putting it into her bag. Jake watches with delight, as the contourless surface not showing eyes moves her head a little up and down and left and right to scan the pages of the magazine. When it comes to a time, where his red lover haven't made any plans, he will just walk into the souk here and enjoy watching the people. Suddenly the woman with the red bag points to a large building. Jake recognizes the hotel and waves his hand. Moments later the woman has disappeared down an alley.

In the reception the voice behind the black cloth says

"A parcel has arrived for you Mr. Jake. Lunch will be served in your room in a quarter."

As usual a black tent rolls a table inside. Jake had hoped for a setting for two, but is disappointed. After walking the souk he could use the red angel to release his tension. But as he lifts his glass, he finds two cards. On the top one is written "At two o'clock. Unlock door. Wear Arab dress. Give second card to taxi driver."

The second card seems to be an address written in Arabic. It's in less than half an hour. Jake immediately unlocks the door. Then he freshens up and use five minutes to make the ghutra sit, as he thinks it did, when he left the shop. He puts on the thobe and sits down on the bed facing the door.

The clock on the bed table has just turned to 2:01, as the door handle is pressed down and a black armless gown with a black silk face enters. Jake gets up with the key card ready to go. But the silk face looks at the floor and takes two steps back still looking down. Jake sees she has dropped a key and picks it up. He stretches his hand with the key towards her, but she shakes her head. Then he puts it in his pocket, and she nods and moves towards the door. He shows her the card

"Are we going there?" he asks.

She nods. He opens the door and they walk out in the corridor. She heads directly for the elevator, while he locks the door and follows. Two black tents are waiting for the elevator. When arriving the three women step inside and all face the right wall. Jake can look as much as he wants.

At ground level he walks past the reception to the exit with his gown three steps behind. Outside he soon flags a taxi. Only as the driver is holding the back door open to him his black gown comes up close and follows him inside. He shows the card to the driver, who responds in Arabic. Jake says

"I don't understand. But do you know where it is? Is it far?"

The driver says "I take you there mister. Fifteen minutes drive."

Jake leans back in the seat and looks at his companion. Leaned back and completely unmoving it's like a large black cushion has been placed in the corner of the seat. Jake would like to move to the opposite seat and rest his body against the cushion. But he follows the customs, and doesn't touch women in public. But he looks more at the opposite seat than he looks out the window.

The taxi stops. Jake pays the driver and refuses change. They are outside a house in a residential area. It's all one storey houses with flat roofs behind walls. There is a door in the wall, where the key fits. Inside the courtyard, which is large enough for two cars, his woman takes her gown and black veil off. It IS her. At least it's the same red covering and multi- colored face veil, that were in his bed yesterday. The key opens the house as well. Jake lets her take the lead, and she walks to the kitchen and takes two glases. Then she takes a bottle of juice from the fridge. Jake notes it's about the only item inside. She hands him the bottle to open and pour, while she turns around to lift the lower part of her veil outside her head covering without showing her chin. They drink a little. She gestures him to follow with glass in hand. They look at all the rooms. Jake says

"It's a nice house. A little larger than my own at home and nicely furnished as well. But it doesn't seem like someone is living here. But maybe that's why we can be here. Why are we here anyway?"

She opens the last door. It's the bedroom. She lifts her glass towards him, and their glases meet. They empty them. She takes his glass, and puts both down on a table, and while bowed puts her veil inside the face opening again. Then she holds Jake close, and while caressing his face with her silk veil, she opens his pants.

'Well now she has partly answered, why we are here,' Jake thinks, while they get down on the bed. It's not as frantic as yesterday. It lasts longer, and Jake enjoys it even more. She pulls a cell phone out from within her coverings, and it starts counting down from two minutes. She says

"I've rented this house for a month, but it may be extended indefinitely if we marry. You won't have any problems getting a new job here, and when you get a job, we can get a residence permit. You only get 72 hours from now to find out if you like me and living here. Within that time I want a final answer. I like living covered and silent and would rather not return to Canada. But to live here permanently I need a husband. That husband is you Jake. As soon as I found out veiled women turns you on, I knew you would be my ideal husb..."

The cell phone beeps.

"I'll stay here for now, but I have to think a little about staying permanently. Can you fix some coffee and something to eat with it. I can't think when I'm hungry. And this exercise has made me hungry," Jake says and heads for the bathroom.

His lovely tent nods. Coming out he is received at the kitchen door, which is now marked with a red X made of tape.

"I'm not allowed to enter the kitchen," Jake says.

She nods. Then she guides him to a door to a smaller room, which has a red X as well. She continues to a second small room, where the door has a green X. She gestures him to open. He looks inside and finds a computer and a game console. She points to the green X and then to herself.

"You'll not enter this room. It's my private space," Jake says, and she nods.

She guides him to the living room, where the sofa table is set, but with just one cup and one plate and an extra plate with a sliced cake. Jake sits down waiting for the coffee.

Within two minutes his cup is filled, and she leaves with the pot. She is immediately back, where she places herself standing at the end of the table with hands folded in her lap and head bowed down at his cup. After eating three slices of cake and drinking half his cup Jake turns on the television. He finds a football match, where only a quarter of an hour has passed and leans back to follow the game. His red tent stays unmoving. With her current amount of communication, it will take a long time before he gets to know her. But that's what she wants. There should always be something that he wants to know, so their relationship never gets bored. Perhaps she has learned the same bad lessons from previous relationships that he has. He takes another sip of his coffee. This makes her move for the kitchen. As soon as the cup has been refilled and the pot back in the kitchen, she is back standing exactly like before.

Jake likes the way she lets him spend his time waiting for their next encounter in bed, and following that her next revelations. This time it was Canada. Her coming from Canada probably means they have been together sometime in the past. 'Is she a distant relative, a schoolmate, a neighbour or a friend or relative of some of his friends?' There are many possible women, and perhaps it's someone he has never noticed himself, even if she has been around him for years. But first he must decide, if he will stay here. It isn't the job, which is decisive. It's what he can do outside the house in his leisure time. He says

"Is there a bar or coffee house or something, where I can go and meet some English speaking people and learn about living for a longer period in this country?" She nods.

"Have you arranged for something like that tonight?" She shakes her head.

"Tomorrow?" She nods.

'This is gonna be a test, if I like spending a lot of future evenings at home with her,' Jake thinks. 'In an hour I'll ask her about dinner. Until then I'll watch the game.'

An hour later Jake turns off the TV and says looking at the tent, who haven't moved

"What about dinner my dear?"

She holds out her left arm and her right index finger draws a half circle on her wrist.

"Ok. In half an hour. Then I'll have a look at my private room," Jake says leaving the sofa. On his way out he notes his tent starts clearing the table. First he takes a look at the computer to see if it has been used by her, but it's without personal files. Then he finds out she has her own computer, which shows on the network, but he has no access to it. Then he turns to the game console to see which games are available. It's a nice selection with several games he has at home. 'Is it a coincidence, or does she know that much about his personal life?'

She knocks at the door. As he opens, she hands him a purse and points to the entrance. At the same time the doorbell sounds. He walks out across the yard and opens the door in the wall. It's a pizza delivery. With an empty fridge, it's a logical dinner. He pays for two pizzas and a large cola. At the kitchen door he hands everything over to the tent. She gestures him to go and sit at the dining table. Soon she serves his pizza and fills his glass with cola. Then she takes the chair opposite his, but there's nothing on the table in front of her. She just sits with her featureless face directed towards his plate.

'Perhaps I should invite her to eat with me,' Jake thinks. 'But it's a little late now. I'll try next time.' But it's a wonderful sight having a lovely tent in front of you while eating. It's like eating at a neatly layed table with expensive tableware. Even if it doesn't change how the food tastes, it feels better.

As his plate is empty she rises, refills his glass and heads for the kitchen with the empty plate. In a minute she is back showing a bag from a supermarket. She shows half an hour on her wrist and then points to the bag, herself and Jake. Jake says

"You want us both to go shopping in half an hour?"

She nods. Jake goes to sit in the sofa and watch the news.

About half an hour later she appears in the door, now dressed completely in black. The gown covering her arms just reaches the knees allowing her to show her gloved hands and arms, which are black as well. Jake gets the purse again as they head for the street. Just as Jake has locked the door, and wonders if they have to walk, a taxi arrives. In less than five minutes they are at a supermarket. During the drive Jake had thought that buying groceries wasn't something he particularly liked, but this was part of the test to see if he could stand even boring events, if only she is by his side. But it proves to be entertainment after all. He had forgot that all the women shopping of course are dressed like the one he is with. Each time they turn around a shelf a new lovely featureless object appears sliding gracefully down a corridor or curving nicely to pick something. It's not as good as the souq, but on the other hand he can look more directly at the beauties, because it just looks as he is interested in getting ideas from what is in their shopping carts. While Jake has enjoyed his surroundings his own tent has disappeared. At least she is not close to him anymore and there are several woman within sight, which at the moment are alone. Should he walk slowly around at random, or should he just stay where he is until she is beside him again. He moves slowly towards the exit thinking

'I must be more careful, or learn a way to uniquely identify her, if that is possible.' In here they will meet shortly, but in the souq they could easily loose each other. He must have her cell phone number. After a few minutes a black tent is beside him and pads his back. They head for the exit, where he pays with her purse. Outside the supermarket Jake says

"How are we gonna get home?"

His tent makes a small arch on her wrist. They have to wait. After ten minutes a taxi arrives, and she hands her a card with the address.

As Jake hands over the bags he has carried inside to his tent he says

"It was hot, even if the sun went down hours ago. It would be nice with a beer now."

The tent shakes her head.

"All these cans we bought. Are there no beers?" She nods.

"Is it true you can't get alcohol outside international hotels?" Jake suddenly remembers. The tent nods, and Jake then concludes

"It would be nice with a cup of coffee then."

He is immediately guided into the sofa, where he turns on the TV. Five minutes later she arrives with a cup, a plate with biscuits and a pot of coffee. After the cup has been filled she leaves with the pot. Ten minutes later she returns, now dressed in the usual red with the multi-coloured face covering. Like in the afternoon she stands at the end of the table, hands folded in her lap and head down. Jake just watches the TV for an hour. Then he says

"I could stay here for another half an hour. But if we're gonna have some fun before going to sleep, I'm ready to start now?" Without moving otherwise his red dream just nods her head several times. Jake is suddenly fully awake. He says

"I'll go to the bathroom. In five minutes I'll be waiting in bed."

Fifteen minutes later Jake is into a half-awake dream about being caressed by a soft silk covered body, when his dream becomes real. The red silk clothes lies down beside him pushing her trousers down to reveal a little flesh, which he longs to enter. Except moving close to him, so he is touched by silk along his side from foot to shoulder, she lies passively waiting. Jake rolls over and caresses the covered breasts and kisses the face of silk. He feels her body react and soft sounds are heard from the otherwise totally silent creature. He continues like that for a while, until he feels he has to cover her little piece of uncovered flesh with his matching part of the body. Now they both make sounds.

After they are both satisfied, they lie side by side on their backs for a while. Then she reaches for her cell phone on the table and sits up in the bed saying

"Tomorrow an English-speaking couple will take us on a trip to see a little of the country and let you try some local entertainment. To get somewhere before it gets really hot, they will be here at half-past eight. I'll wake you one hour early. To you the other woman doesn't exist. Don't talk to her and don't stare at her. Don't talk to me either, even if I can answer with a gesture. Yes, I have followed your life in Canada quite closely for a while. And I liked what I found out. Goodnight."

Two seconds later the beeper sounds. The lovely tent turns on her side facing him and moves close touching him. After a couple of minutes she is sleeping. Jake stays awake for a while, enjoying the feeling of soft slightly pulsating clothes against his body. He dreams sweet dreams.


He dreams a soft silky face is caressing his cheek. But it's not a dream. It's his lovely tent, who is waking him up. She is dressed completely in black with black silk cloth covering her face and a long gown covering her arms and reaching her knees. Just like when going to the supermarket yesterday evening. A quarter of an hour later Jake enters the living room, where breakfast is ready at the dining table. The black silk face sits opposite him, while he eats, just waiting to see if he needs anything.

A couple of minutes after half past eight the doorbell sounds. The tent hands him a food cooler and signals she is ready in a couple of minutes, and that he has to lock the door, when she comes out.

As Jake opens the door in the wall a man dressed in white Arab clothing like himself shows him a big smile. But this man has an Arab face as well. He says

"Hi Jake. I'm Ahmed. But of course you knew that from my homepage. I haven't changed much since the picture was taken a year ago. It's such a great idea to ask one, who is born and raised in Arabia to show you a little around. And I'm of course flattered you asked me, even though it's natural after exchanging emails for some time. But what do you think of what you have seen so far? Are you ready to stay after the initial month? And when will you take the final step and convert to Islam?"

Jake is shocked. His lovely tent has communicated with this man in his name. And he expects Jake knows all about him from his personal home page. Jake must remember to talk only about what they see and the future, as if Ahmed's life and their email exchange is completely clear to him. He must talk like a politician using a lot of words without saying anything. He says

"Ahmed the internet is a strange place. I feel we know each other like brothers through our emails, and yet it's a little like seeing a stranger now meeting you for the first time for real. But of course I've longed for this trip ever since I've boarded the plane for your lovely country. We are ready to go, as soon as my ... I don't know what holds her up."

Ahmed says

"I remember you wrote your wife has studied our customs and would like to do as my wife. And you answered she might get second thoughts, when I said my wife is so pious, she is completely silent and virtually blind in public. Although we won't talk of our family except in mails, I must say you're on the right path, if you got a wife, who'll cover like my own wife."

Jake says

"Of course she will. I forgot she told me about it last night. I'll bring her and lock the door."

Jake enters the house, where his tent is waiting, now covered in a thick black piece of cloth from head to floor. There are no visible openings anywhere, and standing like she is now, it's impossible to know which side is facing him. If this garment is on top of what she was wearing during his breakfast, she surely must be blind. Jake says

"Are you ready to leave? Do you want me to guide you?"

The top of the gown bends twice towards him. Jake takes it as yes to both, and has been shown she is facing the door. He puts a hand on where her back must be and she starts to move. After a few steps out in the yard he puts a hand on her shoulder and she stops. He turns around and locks the door. Then he slowly guides her across the yard and out to the car. It's a large four-wheel- drive. He guides her around the car to the passenger side back door, which he opens and force her head down. As she feels the seat she moves inside on her own. Jake bows down, as to see if she is clear of the door, but in reality he looks at the other seat to see a similar featureless object of thick clothes, which is Ahmed's wife. He allows himself a very long stare, as he knows from Ahmed she won't see him. His own love is very much clear of the door as she keeps moving until she touches Ahmed's wife. What looked like a lifeless bundle of cloth a moment ago leans toward his own bundle and the tops starts caressing each other.

'They will have an enjoyable trip as well.' Jake thinks, as he closes the car door and goes to lock the door in the wall.

As they starts driving Ahmed says

"I can see you have followed my advice and have not rented a car until you have a job and a permission to stay, as your yard is empty."

"One should always follow the advice of a good friend," Jake says continuing "But where are we going?"


"Now you're joking," Jake says "We're driving 80 mph. It's clear we are getting somewhere."

"Yes I was joking, and not joking," Ahmed says "We're driving out in the middle of nowhere. Or deep into the desert if you like. To find some high dunes."

During the drive Ahmed talks and talks, and Jake just enjoys the ride in a cool air-conditioned car in a hot but beautiful landscape. They are driving across dunes, that keep getting higher. Suddenly Ahmed stops saying

"Now it's your turn to teach me something. You're from Canada, which means you're good at skiing. Isn't that right?"

Jake is a little confused suddenly talking about skiing in the middle of the desert, but politely answers

"I usually go skiing once or twice a month from November to March. I can manage on most slopes I think."

"Brilliant!" says Ahmed "Because just in front of us is a good slope I think. Let's go out and try."

Now Jake is a little surprised as Ahmed pulls two snowboards out from the back of the car. He takes one and walks the five metres to the edge of the dune they have parked at. Then he places the board on the edge, steps up on it, and tilts out over the edge. Jake's eyes follows him down the more than 100 yards high slope. If sand isn't too different from snow, he is sure he can teach Ahmed a few tricks. Ahmed falls twice before he has reached the bottom. Jake steps onto the board and head downwards. The board behaves much like on snow, and he can easily control it. This is real fun. But there are no lifts out here. It's a long walk up in the hot sun to get another ride. Ahmed says while they climb

"You're a real pro compared to us Arabs. If you can't find another job, you could become snowboard teacher."

They continue for more than an hour, ending with Ahmed doing a full ride down with several turns without falling. Ahmed says, as he puts the snowboards in the car

"It was fantastic Jake. One hour of teaching and I didn't fall. But now my legs has to rest, and we need something to drink. Let's see what's in the coolers. Ahmed takes three cans and says

"Take three as well. We better drink two after playing in the sun for so long. And then one for each on the back seat."

Jake has completely forgotton they are not alone, as they have just talked and played for a long time without any other signs of life. As he looks into the backseat both women are lying at each corner of the seat like two black carpet rolls. Ahmed opens the back door, drops a can on the floor and closes the door again. Jake copies. And for once Ahmed doesn't ignore the women, but looks if they react. Ahmed's wife bows forward clearly bringing the can up under her covering. But Jake's tent doesn't move. Ahmed says

"It's easy falling asleep, when you're in the dark. You have to shake her, and then take the can and place it between her knees where she can feel it, before you let it slide to the floor."

Jake opens the door again, takes the can and knocks on her knees with it, until she moves. Then he lets it slide down and closes the door. Now his tent bows as well.

While drinking Ahmed says

"After all this exercise we are getting hungry. When I told you not to bring any lunch, you probably expected we just drove back to civilization and found some fast food."

"Yes," Jake says "I expected something like that. But if we drove directly into the desert the shortest way out is the more than one hour drive back following our own tracks."

"We're going to eat the best place any man down here can think about. In a Bedu tent. A relative of mine is spending some of his vacation at an oasis less than half an hour from here."

After some driving Jake suddenly see palms among all the sand, and soon they park outside a large bedu tent. A man dressed like themselves and some children receive them. Ahmed introduces the man as Mohammed, and they enter the half of the tent reserved for men. As Jake is seated on a pillow he sees that a young girl with unveiled eyes guides the two women from the car into the other side of the tent. Soon after the girl brings food from the other side of the tent, and they have a lovely meal, where Mohammed tries to describe why he loves the desert so much. Ahmed seconds him, and later when tea is served, he tells about Jake's snowboard abilities, and how much he has learned from him. Then Mohammed explains Ahmed which way to take home to get a real good dune bashing. Jake doesn't know what they're talking about and just enjoys watching the scenery sitting comfortably in the shadow. It's a long goodbye and Jake praises the excellent food. But finally Mohammed claps his hands and the girl arrives. He says something in Arabic and she returns to the woman's side of the tent. Within a minute Jake watches her guide the women back into the car. Mohammed says

"Dear Jake. When Ahmed told me he would like to visit me with a foreign friend, he told me both you and your wife dressed like Arabs, because you were interested in Arab costumes. Now I see it's true you dress like Arabs, and I want you to see, what I think is the most beautiful Arab costume. Only very good friends are allowed to see what you'll see now."

Then he claps his hands again, and Jake is glad he is wearing a loose robe as the girl guides four fantastic women in front of the male tent opening, and turns them to face him. Extremely beautiful and expensive looking silk gowns are seen from the chest and down. They are basically red, blue, green and yellow respectively, but they are decorated with a lot of gold embroidery in delicate abstract patterns. And no arms are seen, they seem to be without sleeves. From the chest and up a large black silk scarf is wound in a complicated manner covering everything except the face. The face is the most extordinary, as it is covered by a golden mask that seems to be made of gold painted soft leather. Its look is very much dominated by the vertical rod to make it stiff, running its full length from above the hairline, over the nose to below the chin. The mask reveals nothing of the face beneath, as its only feature resembling a face, the eye openings, have been made so the upper edges reaches below the lower edges, much like a closed eye lid, leaving only tiny slits, which face nearly downwards. Jake has to compliment Mohammed. It is a stunningly beautiful dress. Jake asks

"Have they dressed like this right now just for me?"

Mohammed says

"No it was designed long ago for Bedu women having girls or slaves to do everything, and they wore it nearly always. But we only have two girls at an age, where they can do house chores. And besides of ruining the expensive clothes, if working in it, they can't use their arms, and they can only see a little of the ground just in front of them. And because they can't use their arms, they have to have someone to lift the mask a little to talk, eat or drink. My wives are dressed in black normally like everybody else, but when we spend some days in the desert, they wear it as much as possible, taking turns working. They love wearing it, as much as I love seeing them."

Ahmed has started walking towards the car. Jake finds it difficult to take his eyes of Mohammed's wives. As Jake reaches the car, Ahmed has opened the back seat door at his side and says

"We all have to be seated upright with seat belts fastened for the next part."

Jake opens the other back seat door and fasten the seat belt around the black bundle sitting there. 'Is it his or Ahmed's wife? Would they change places, if the girl haven't placed them in the side, where they were seated during the morning?'

After driving for a quarter Ahmed says

"This area is excellent for dune bashing. Are you ready?"

Jake says

"Ready for what. I heard you discussed it with Mohammed. But I don't know what it is."

Ahmed says

"Then I'll just do it. Afterwards you'll know what it is."

Then he speeds up the car going directly towards a row of small dune tops. The car lifts suddenly and then seem to flow through the air as they cross the first top. Just as they touch the ground again they meet the next hill. It's feels like riding a roller coaster. Jake feels like shouting to express the feel in his stomach, and he actually hears some muffled sounds from the back seat. The women being fastened can neither use their hands to cover the mouth nor put their head in their lap to attenuate the sound. It's in a way indecent to force them to make sound, when they don't want to.

But Ahmed continues up and down at high speed for a long time. Sometimes, when the slope down is longer, he brakes and turn the wheel, making the car slide down at an angle to the direction of motion. Something which gives a scary feeling that the car will turn over at any moment, but it is fun, as it never happens.

After twenty minutes Ahmed slows down and follows a normal nearly flat track.

"You were right Ahmed," Jake says "I will never forget what dune bashing is. I'm glad we didn't start immediately after lunch. It's worse or better than any amusement park I think."

A little before sunset they are back at the house. While Jake unlocks the door to the yard and takes their cooler from the car, Ahmed has knocked on the back seat window to make sure the women are awake. He opens the back seat door saying

"We are at Jake's house."

Jake guides his tent into the yard and goes back to say goodbye to Ahmed.

"Just one more thing before I leave Jake. Would you like to go to a coffee house tonight and meet some of my friends, who speaks English as well?"

"Yes thank you, I've read Arab men spend all their evenings in coffee houses. I would very much like to see for myself, what goes on in such a place," Jake says.

"Well then I'll be back in two hours to drive you. And then it's not goodbye now. Just see you later."

Ahmed leaves. Jake goes into the yard and locks the door in the wall. Then he says

"You can take your dress off now. We're alone in the yard with the door closed."

His tent takes off her outer dress and looks around to confirm exactly where she is.

"I've agreed with Ahmed to spend the evening at a coffee house. Is it ok?"

She moves towards the door without indicating yes or no. Jake stops her.

"Is it not ok? Have you made other plans?" Jake asks a little worried.

The tent shakes her head.

"You have not made other plans? But should I stay at home?"

The tent takes Jake's hand and guides him into the bedroom. Then she lies down in the middle of the bed, pulls her dress up and her trousers down. Nature quickly makes Jake ready, and he takes his trousers off and climbs on top of her. Moments later he is ready to call a priest, mullah or whoever is authorised to perform a marriage in Arabia just to be sure he can continue making love with this woman. But his dreams are interrupted as his love finds her cell phone and starts talking

"I would have waited until tonight, but you forced me to say something. This is not Canada. You do not ask me what you want to do. If you please, you inform me. I like you to behave like an Arab man and command me. I'm here to obey your orders. Then I hope you pardon me for mailing with Ahmed in your name. I'll forward our mails to you tonight. And then I enjoyed the trip. But I didn't really speak to Ahmed's wife. We could only exchange a few words with the women in the tent. I hope to be able to try such a dress and ma..."

The beeper sounds.

"When I come out from the bathroom in a few minutes, I want the address of Ahmed's home page on my computer. I cannot meet him once more without having seen it. Then I want dinner as soon as possible. That's all for now. No wait, I pardon you, and I love you."

Jake goes to the bathroom.

Less than half an hour later Jake sits at the dining table knowing a lot more about Ahmed. His tent now dressed in red again dishes stew up from a hot pot. After a few spoonfuls Jake stops her. Then she pours cola from a large bottle. Jake stops her with the glass only quarter full. She brings the pot back to a warm plate in the kitchen and returns to the opposite chair without eating as before.

"Sprinkle salt on my food please," Jake says.

"Sprinkle pepper on as well," he continues.

"A little more cola please," he says a little later.

"Some more warm stew please," it comes a little later, and his tent leaves for the pot.

Jake gets a refill on his plate four times and each time asks for salt and pepper. As he finally leaves the table for the sofa to watch TV, while waiting for Ahmed, his tent stops him after a few steps and hugs him tightly. At this moment Jake takes his decision, but he decides to wait until tomorrow to say it.

Half an hour later Ahmed is there. They spend a lovely evening, where Jake doesn't talk much with Ahmed, because there are so many other interesting people. And they are all eager to discuss with him. Some about sports, some about sex, some about religion, some about politics and even some, who offers him a job. Jake is completely exhausted, as Ahmed is driving him home. He says

"Ahmed, what you have done for me today I can never repay. But I'll do whatever I can in the coming years. But I have to ask you one more favour."

Ahmed's face is one big smile, as he hears Jake's request.

"Of course old friend. I'll see what I can do first thing in the morning."

Later outside the house Jake says

"Goodnight Ahmed. Hope to see you soon again."

It's half-past midnight, as he enters the house to find his red tent sitting in the bed reading a magazine.

'Is it the same magazine the woman from the clothes shop bought?' Ahmed suddenly thinks. He can't get out of his head that women outside the home are anonymous creatures. For some reason he has wanted to know, if it was his woman everytime a woman did something for him. Covering is not opression. Women can do all sorts of things that their men will never know about. As he a little later takes his clothes off, she puts the magazine away, switches her bed lamp off and turns on her side. Jake lies down and switches off the remaining light, pulls close to her and kisses her veiled mouth. Soon they are both sleeping.


The room is brightly lid, as Jake opens his eyes to look at the clock. It's half-past nine. His love has left. A quarter of an hour later Jake is at the breakfast table after a refreshing shower.

After eating with his tent serving him as at previous meals, Jake says

"Come in here as soon as you have cleared the kitchen."

Ten minutes later the tent is back standing in front of the sofa table with hands folded and face down, where Jake is sitting watching a soap. Jake turns off the TV and says

"Take three steps back!" in a commanding voice, which is immediately obeyed.

Then Jake gets on his knees in front of his love looking up at her faceless head saying

"Dear Red Tent, that's my private name for you, I've had one enjoyful experience following the other during my stay here, so I decided I won't wait 72 hours. I have found what I hoped to find by coming here. You, my nameless tent. Will you marry me according to the conditions you laid out, when you first spoke to me at the hotel?"

The tent falls on her knees in front of him and nods her head for ten seconds, but she doesn't say anything. In stead she hugs him tightly, and Jake feels a heart beating unusually fast. After a minute in a tight embrace Jake puts a hand in his pocket, brings forward a small box and says

"Now I've done my first move here, which haven't been planned by you. With a little help from Ahmed I found a jeweller last night. I hope the rings fits, because I've never seen your fingers."

Jake holds a gold ring in front of his love, who to his surprise removes her right glove and stretches her finger out. It fits very nicely. But after they both have admired her finger for a little while, she puts the stretchy glove back on. Then she takes the other ring and puts it on Jake's outstretched finger. And they hug tightly again. They have just left the bed, but they have to get back. Appearently she feels the bulge in Jake's trousers, because she gets down on her knees and her silk covered face rubs across his bulge. Jake quickly bows down, lifts her up and carries her to the bed.

This time it's a little like the first time. They are both extremely excited and satisfaction comes fast. After a while just lying on the bed she takes her cell phone

"My name is Jenny Mitchell. I live across the road from you. When you broke up with your last girlfriend, she complained to me that you wanted her to cover her head in silk scarves, while having sex with her. She thought it was disgusting. I thought it was fantastic. Since then I've spied on you to get a chance to meet you under the right circumstances. Do you remember where you got the idea about a vacation in Arabia? From an enthusiastic letter in the facelessfetishes group. I inherited a large sum a year ago, and can provide for both of us for some time, if you don't get a job immediately. But first you have to convert to ..."

The beeper sounds.

Jake is quiet for some time then he says showing his ring

"Jenny. I must admit I've never taken much notice of you. But you're a nice-looking woman a little younger than I, as I recall. But now it doesn't matter if you were green and had three eyes. I love your touch and your voice and the soft silk that you like to wear. Now we are engaged and will marry soon, but why should I convert to Islam. Can't we just marry at a registry office?" Jenny shakes her head.

"You want a religous marriage. Ok, then lets find the nearest Christian church in this region." Jenny shakes her head again.

"You want a religous marriage, but not Christian. You want a Muslim marriage?" Jenny nods.

She takes him to the door to his private room and points to the computer. Jake turns it on and search 'muslim marriage' on the internet. Soon he reads 'Marriage between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man is not allowed, because the man is the head of the family, and a non-Muslim man could prevent his wife in fulfilling her religous duties.' Jake goes out of his room finding Jenny in the living room. Her action answers his next question, as she has put a small blanket on the floor and performs the characteristic movements of Muslim prayer. Jake sits down in the sofa waiting for her to finish. He has to wait a quarter of an hour. Meanwhile he thinks. 'My tent, Jenny, and I want to live in this country like those who where born here. They are all Muslims. Many problems would be avoided, if I became Muslim too.' Alcohol and pork are forbidden to Muslims. He can live with that and perhaps take a vacation in Canada and have a beer with some old friends. He must learn what is expected from him, if he becomes a Muslim. As Jenny puts the blanket away he says

"I want some coffee please."

Five minutes later as she is standing at the end of the table waiting to serve him, Jake says

"Do you have any literature about what it means becoming a Muslim? And by the way do you have dresses and veils in other colours? Now it's not longer nessecary for me to identify you by your red dress, it might be nice with some other colours."

Jenny leaves for a minute and returns handing Jake a business card from the hotel.

"Yes that's right I still have my room at the hotel with my clothes. Do you as well?"

Jenny nods. Then she gets on her knees praying for a few seconds and then points to the card.

"You have information about Islam at the hotel as well?" Jake asks.

Jenny nods.

"Well, I've promised to stay with you here, so we might as well go and get our things from the hotel. Show me how you get a taxi," Jake says.

Jenny gets her cell phone and shows she has a SMS-message with an alphanumeric code. She points to send.

"Yes I can get ready in a few minutes. What about you?" Jake says.

She sends the message. They both hurry dressing. Jake in thobe and ghutra, Jenny in black.

At the hotel Jenny guides Jake to the bar in the lobby. She finds the waiter and leaves. Jake is served a large glass of cold beer. Jake enjoys the beer, which he understands will be his last for a long time. A return for his promise to Jenny? Jake realises that if his need for alcohol becomes unbearable, he only has to come here. Jenny has probably calculated, she has moderated one of his possible objections of becoming Muslim.

'They sin as well,' Jake says to himself, as he looks around seeing a number of Arabs in the bar.

'And Jenny sins. Aren't Muslims supposed to abstain from sex outside marriage?'

Jake lets all the big questions out of his mind, and just enjoys the view of the lobby, where black tents regularly gracefully moves in and out. After twenty minutes Jake presumes Jenny is back. A black tent enters the bar but immediately, probably as she sees Jake's glass isn't empty, turns around and takes a seat outside the bar, where they can see each other. A quarter of an hour later Jake asks for the bill.

"It was paid at the order, Mister." the waiter says.

Jake gives him a tip and slowly walks out in the lobby keeping an eye at the tent, he suspects is Jenny. She gets up and meets him. She takes him to the reception, and then goes back to the chair.

"What a pity you have checked out Mr. Jake. We hope you have enjoyed your stay here and hope to see you again some time," the faceless silk head says with her beautiful voice.

"You can tell your colleagues, that this is by far my best hotel stay ever. Here is my credit card," Jake says as he hands her the card.

"I'll tell my colleagues thank you. But most of them knows you, Mr. Jake, and your generous veiled business partner. She has already paid your bill," it comes from behind the black silk, as she rejects his card.

"Here's your passport and the receipt Mr. Jake. Just take a seat, while we get a taxi and handles your suitcases."

"Thank you very much," Jake says, a little sad because it was the end of conversation with this lovely silk face.

Should he take the seat next to the woman, who he thinks is Jenny? He hasn't noticed if she sat down in the same chair again. But then he remembers even married couples don't walk close to each other in public and takes another chair. Within five minutes a black dress gestures him to walk out. As he reaches the door of the taxi a black tent is close behind him. He hands the card with their address to the driver, and they start moving. Jake turns to Jenny and says

"Thank you. But I'm not broke you know. I could have paid myself. How do we agree on how to share our expenses, when my business partner will only discuss with me a few minutes at a time?" Jake gets no answer.

At the house the driver takes the suitcases out of the car, and waits for Jake to unlock the door in the wall.

"Just leave them here," Jake says while he pays.

He opens and lets Jenny handle the three suitcases, which she carries into the bedroom. Jake watches her work. She opens one of her own suitcases and hands him a book about Islam. Then she points to his suitcase and to one of the closets. Next she points to the other closet and then to herself. She takes Jake into the sofa, and quickly brings him a glass and a large cola bottle. She fills the glass, and Jake starts reading.

Half an hour later Jake watches as Jenny starts setting the lunch table, now dressed in a single colored royal blue floor long Moroccan style coat with hood, black gloves and her face completely covered in a black veil, which hangs down on her chest. The veil looks very opague to Jake. He wonders how much she is able to see. Minutes later he is gestured to move to the dining table. The table is as usual set for one, but seeing her loose veil Jake says

"Would you like to dine with me? Sorry. I would like you to dine with me."

Jenny leaves shortly to return with another set of tableware. But of course she doesn't show Jake her mouth or even chin, as she just holds the veil slightly out to put her fork or glass up under it.

After lunch Jake gets some more literature about Islam. He browses though it all in the hour following. Jenny is silently watching him standing at the end of the table. Finished with his reading Jake says

"I want to borrow your cell phone."

He immediately gets it.

"Please leave the room. I want to make a private conversation."

Jenny leaves. Jake calls Ahmed and tells him he wants to visit a mosque. Ahmed will personally show him, and he gives Jake the name of his own mosque. Jake SMS for a taxi. Then he shouts

"Jenny! Bring me my thobe and ghutra!"

As Jenny arrives and holds the thobe for Jake to put on he says

"I'm going to see Ahmed to get a more personal view about being Muslim. I'm probably back for dinner. If I'm late I will send a SMS."

Twenty minutes later Jake meets Ahmed outside his mosque. Jake says after a short tour of the site

"Is it that simple: I pray five times a day, avoid alcohol and pork, dress modestly, visit a mosque on fridays, fast at Ramadan and go to Mecca at least once. And then of course study the Quran. Then I'm a Muslim?"

"Yes, It's very much a personal thing. If your friends and colleagues see you at the Friday prayers once in a while and you participate in prayer, if you are with others at prayer time, then most people will think you're a good Muslim. And converting is the easiest part. You just have to say the first verse of the Quran by copying what a Muslim reads, witnessed by at least two Muslims."

"Can I do it now then? It's actually something my wife would like us to do. And after seeing this and talking to you I'm convinced myself. And as men and women do it separately, I might as well do it now. I think this is the right place, and perhaps you can ask a couple of the other men in here to witness, while you read the Quran," Jake says.

"Jake I'm so happy you've decided to convert. But I won't read myself. I'll go and ask the Imam. It feels better, if it's one with the right education, and I'm sure he is happy to get one more in his flock," Ahmed says.

Ahmed is right. The Imam will gladly spend some minutes for Jake's conversion. While he tells Jake in English the meaning of the Arabic words he is going to say, Ahmed asks if there is someone, who will stand around as witnesses. Ahmed comes back to the Imam's office with six men. The Imam slowly says a phrase in Arabic and Jake repeats trying his best. Less than two minutes later the Imam shakes his hand and congratulates him as Muslim. Then all the other men shakes his hand and congratulates as well. Jake thanks the Imam, and asks what it takes to get married. They only have to sign a marriage contract and get it registered publicly and with two witnesses. In this country it has to be at a mosque. It can be done in this office at any time except during prayers.

Ahmed drives Jake to his house. As Jake is going to leave the car he says

"What about this other thing I asked you to help me with?"

"Well Mohammed told me getting a new one would take months. So I borrowed one from him, which he delivered earlier today. You can make the contract anytime you want."

As Jake enters the house Jenny is waiting at the door. Jake says

"Dear Muslim sister is dinner ready?"

Jenny falls on her knees and thanks Allah. Then she embraces Jake and lets her veiled face caress his face for a while. Then she lets go, nods and goes to the kitchen.

Jake allows Jenny to eat with him. After dinner, just before Jenny starts to clear the table, Jake says

"I want our relation to be legal as fast as possible. I think it will be possible to sign a marriage contract tomorrow afternoon. Then one hour early we go to Ahmed's house, where his wife has a dress for you. And to celebrate we have a small Arabic dinner here with only us Ahmed, Mohammed and their wives, but in separate rooms of course. Can you arrange for some appropriate food and drinking for this dinner?"

Jenny nods very enthusiastic. Jake summarises

"You take care of dinner for three men and six women. I make the other arrangements."

Jenny nods again and starts clearing the table. They are both busy for some time separately, until a little to nine where Jake shouts

"I want tea please!"

As tea is served Jenny takes a standing position at the end of the table and Jake asks

"Have you finished your arrangements succesfully?"

Jenny nods.

"Fine, then I want you to have tea with me."

Less than an hour later Jake says

"I think we should go early to bed. We don't have to get up early, but it will be a long day."

Jenny walks around the table and takes his hand. She leads him out on the floor. Then she takes two prayer carpets and puts them down on the floor. They stand next to each other and Jenny very slowly do the correct movements for prayer, while Jake tries to copy her movements. As the movements are repeated the tenth time Jake thinks he has got it and continues without looking at Jenny, instead saying a prayer to himself.

Less than half an hour later they sleep in each others arms.


It's late when Jake gets out of bed. Jenny has left the bedroom. Jake spends a lot of time in the bathroom. Breakfast and Jenny are of course waiting as he enters the living room. Jenny is dressed like yesterday and stands at the end of the table, while Jake eats. As Jake gets up from the table Jenny takes him to the bathroom door, points to herself and makes a full circle on her left wrist. Jake says

"It's alright you spend a long time getting yourself pretty. Breakfast was late. We'll just have a sandwich, when we get back from the mosque."

Jake passes the time doing a little this and a little that. A little less than an hour before they are going to leave Jenny comes into the living room dressed totally in black, as when they went shopping. Jake says

"Are you ready to leave?"

Jenny nods. Jake continues

"Then I better go and put on a never-used thobe and ghutra, and then we're both ready."

Jenny takes the lead and picks a thobe from his closet and holds it for Jake to put on. Then she takes a ghutra and puts it on his head with a head band. They go back to the living room. Jake says

"We have plenty of time and being early is not polite here. Jenny you're a wonderful sight, even though I know this is just an everyday dress you have to wear until we get to Ahmed's house. Please just turn slowly around in the room, to let it get into our minds that we are about to make this an everyday sight, which we can legally enjoy as a married couple. I love you."

For more than half an hour Jake just sits in the sofa enjoying the faceless contourless black object very slowly turning around in front of him. This is why he came down here.

He calls a taxi. At Ahmed's house Jake and Ahmed has a cup of coffee in the male reception room. Jenny has disappeared into the house, where male guests never comes, and Ahmed has promised his wife to stay out as well. After an hour Jake and Ahmed drive to the mosque. Ahmed's wife and Jenny will be fetched by Mohammed a little later. Jake brings his and Jenny's papers to the Imam, who after looking at them shortly says everything is in order and the contract will be ready in half an hour. Jake leaves the office. Twenty minutes later Mohammed joins Jake and Ahmed. Now Jake knows Jenny is in the women's section of the mosque. At the time appointed they all three go to the Imam's office and sign the contract. They take the contract out in the mosque yard, where Ahmed's wife is waiting. She takes the contract into the women's section and returns a few minutes later. They return to the Imam, who congratulates Jake and makes a copy for the archives. Ahmed and Mohammed congratulates as well. They return to the yard, where Jake has to wait impatiently. Jake is of course not staring in the direction where women appears. He just glances shortly every now and then. A couple of black tents passes without taking interest in the three men. But then there she comes his dream of the desert. As Jake starts staring in her direction the two other men turn as well and admire the sight approaching them, but without directly showing they are looking of course. Ahmed and Mohammed leave to let Jake meet his wife, who cautiously moves towards him, but they will not meet, if Jake doesn't move. Jenny has just been guided towards Jake, but with her limited vision she can't see him. She is wearing the red silk dress with gold embroidery, black head scarf and golden mask, that one of Mohammed's wives was wearing in the desert. But the dress has had a little more gold added here and there, and the mask has been refurbished as new, shining like an extra sun in the afternoon light. Jake moves into Jenny's path and takes her in his arms saying

"My dear wife Jenny. You look even more wonderful than I have imagined, when I saw this dress in the desert, and decided that you had to be married dressed like this."

Jake gets down on his knees continuing

"Perhaps you can now get a short glimpse of the face of your very happy husband." Jake gets up and guides his desert rose towards the street. A taxi is waiting, and as the driver receives Jake's card with the address the driver says

"You very lucky Mister. Our women should have kept dressing like this."

Outside their house a car is parked even though Ahmed and Mohammed will only arrive in two hours. Just as Jake has opened the door in the wall two copies of Jenny, as Jake first saw her in the hotel, dressed in unusual red dresses and with multi- coloured silk scarves covering their faces, approaches them from the car. One of them says

"Congratulations with your marriage Mister Jake. We are your maids for tonight. Please come in an enjoy a light meal, while we prepare the house for the dinner."

Jake hurries to open the door of the house, and then gets back to the street to guide Jenny. As they reach the house door Jake lifts Jenny and carries her into the sofa in the living room. As he sits down next to Jenny cups and plates are put down on the table. One set in front of Jake sitting at the left side of the sofa and one set at the other side, but Jenny sits next to Jake in the middle. But after a few minutes both maids enters the room, one with a pot of coffee and the other with a large dish of sandwiches. The one with the coffee pours the cups and takes the pot to the kitchen, while the other holds the dish in front of Jake, who puts two on his plate. Then the maid puts two on the other plate as well, puts the dish down on the table and sits down next to Jenny. Meanwhile the other maid has returned and stands at the table opposite Jake with her hands folded and her head down. Jake looks at Jenny, who bows towards his cup. Then Jake takes a sip of his cup and a bite of a sandwich. Jake is about to take another bite, when Jenny turns towards the maid sitting next to her. The maid immediately takes the cup in front of her and lifts it towards Jenny's mouth with her right hand, while she lifts at the bottom edge of Jenny's mask with the other. Jenny takes a sip of coffee. The maid puts the cup down and takes a sandwich to Jenny's mouth, and she takes a bite. Then Jenny turns her head back for Jake to look at. Jenny has to eat and drink like this all evening, as her dress has no sleeves. What Jake really want to do is of course to carry Jenny into the bed right away. But he knows the fine dress has to stay on until the guests are gone much later. He wants to caress her, but can only touch her mask, which feels surprisingly like skin to touch. Jake keeps caressing the mask, while he takes another sip and bite. He takes his sandwich slowly towards Jenny, while his hand on her mask moves down towards the edge. But as he is about to lift the mask to let her eat his sandwich, Jenny turns away. She likes to remain a complete mystery until tonight, and in stead the maid feeds her. Jake doesn't want to eat much with a fine dinner soon, and says towards the maid opposite him

"I'm finished thank you. I think you two should concentrate on the dinner preparations for a while now."

The maid in the sofa immediately gets up, and both maids quickly clear the table. Jake looks at the golden mask next to him, who is turned directly towards him. He says

"This is the most wonderful day in my life, and fortunately we're not half through yet. I know I'm not the most pretty guy in the world, and perhaps you're not missing that much only seeing my thobe all the time, but I think you should bend your head back shortly to get a glimpse of the most happy man in the world right now."

A little to Jake's surprise his Desert Rose actually bends back for perhaps five seconds, and Jake gets a glimpse of black silk inside the eye slits of the mask. Of course there are more layers of silk beneath what is seen right now. Jake is looking forward to peeling the layers. Slowly the golden leather approaches his face. She can't kiss him, but the soft leather touches his chin and moves all over it for a while sending shivers through Jake. As one cheek has been covered the mask slowly turns and touches the other cheek. Jake is in heaven. But of course he has to wait for the final. But with this kind of waiting he could wait for hours day after day. Now the golden mask disappears from his view, as Jenny puts her head on his shoulder letting Jake feel that the chest behind the golden red gown has beautiful curves hidden behind the normally loose cloth. While they sit like that for a long time Jake can observe the beautiful red maids decorating and laying the dining table at the other end of the room. A silk tent in his lap and watching faceless beauties moving gracefully in and out is Jake's version of heaven. It lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes then both maids comes to the sofa table standing with folded hands and looking down. Jake straightens a little without pushing Jenny and says

"Yes maids. If you have something to say then please do."

The same voice as the first time says

"Mister Jake your house is ready for the guests, and dinner will be ready in due time. Now is the time for Mister Jake to freshen up a little in the bathroom. I have been told to remind Mister Jake that after receiving the first guest he is to stay in the reception room with the men, until the last guest has left. One of us will be serving the men and the other the women. May you enjoy your dinner."

After Jake has spend a little time in the bathroom Jenny awaits him outside the door for the splendour of her clothes to illuminate him. He has to hold his silk tent close for half a minute before she takes over the bathroom. Jake checks out the reception room which is discreetely decorated and has a table decorated and set for three at one end, while the other end is prepared to be filled with dishes. Jake is very content and goes to the kitchen door waiting for a maid to appear. As the door opens Jake says

"I'm very pleased with the reception room. Everything seems to be in order."

The maid bows to him, but then Jake's attention is turned, as he hears a silk gown behind him. Jenny is ready for dinner. Jake embraces Jenny and they remain in a close touch for many minutes until the door bell sounds. Jake gently moves Jenny a little out from himself, places a kiss on the mask, where her mouth must be, and walks out.

Mohammed has arrived, and Jake has to embrace him to get a good look as his four beautiful black silk tents are guided past him by a maid. A little later Ahmed and his wife arrives. Jake gets a better look at her, as she can't move while Ahmed greets Jake. Her dress is like a sack of silk with no openings except downwards. There is no opening showing where the face is, it is only when a maid touches her and she starts moving a forward direction is revealed.

Jake, Ahmed and Mohammed have a wonderful dinner. Women are not among the subjects discussed, but Mohammed has to ask Jake where the unusual veiling of the maid comes from. Jake says

"I don't know. My wife presented herself like that at our first meeting. I guess the maids are dressed like that to remind me of that."

In the living room, where the women party, they enjoy themselves at least as much. All the guests have taken their black shrouds off to display expensive haute couture dresses, delicate makeup and styled hair. Jenny does not unmask, but has spend some minutes in the sofa with her head tilted back, while each of the guests have turned around on the floor in front of her to show herselves. During dinner the two wives of Mohammed sitting on each side of her take turns in feeding her or lifting her mask to allow her to talk, when the maid can't do it, because she has to be in the kitchen. After dinner they all dance two or three at a time, while the others make the rythm by clapping hands. Jenny dances as well being guided by a woman with an arm around her shoulder.

Just after midnight Ahmed wants to leave. It's not late, but he is sure Jake longs for something even more enjoyable. The maid is told to inform the women. Over a few minutes the colourful laughing and chatting ladies turn into quiet submissive black tents waiting to be guided out. As the maids guides the women out to their men, Jake follows them out of the house, to drag out the goodbye, and get a few more minutes with the beautiful black tents.

As soon as the cars have left Jake hurries to the living room to meet his Desert Rose. But the far end of the living room has been covered by a large red silk curtain. As Jake enters Arabic rhythmic music starts playing. A chair is placed in the middle of the room some meters from the curtain. Jake sits down and immediately the two maids appear from behind the curtain at each wall. The red dress is not made for dancing, but twisting the body and lifting the arms makes the dress move, and it is appearant that these are suddenly not red tents, but well covered bodies. But the music has been chosen to match the limited movements possible with the red dress. After a few minutes it climaxes and the maids drops the skirts and the dress covering the upper body. Now only the multi-coloured veil covers the head of what at first seems to be a naked body, compared with the red dress. But while the multi-coloured veil is untied and dropped at the final beats of the music, Jake sees they are now dressed in a bright red semi-transparent harem costume. Under the costume and where it doesn't cover flesh colour is seen, but it's not skin. Their bodies are completely covered in a tight fitting and form revealing flesh-coloured lycra suit. Now that the multi-coloured veil is gone a faceless and hairless head shows, just covered by a thin red face veil barely obscuring the blurred single colored features of a face. The 'harem girls' now dances to a long slowly accelerating Oriental tune. Jake enjoys this different form of faceless beauty and a covering which is complete, but shows every curve of a female body. And reminds him that he is about to see the body of his love for the first time soon. These dancers know they are there to remind him of what a newly married couple should do. And they do it well. Very vell. Jake soon sees them as two copies of Jenny competing to excite him most. As the music comes towards its climax, Jake is afraid he will come as well, losing what was meant for his desert rose. But he doesn't, although he is extremely excited, as the music ends in a loud crescendo and the girls tear the curtain down. There she stands lightening the room with her golden face. Jake rushes up and embraces her tightly. The maids pulls Jake to the side and with Jenny between them walks to the bedroom. Jake is right behind.

Jenny slowly removes her entire Bedu dress showing she is naked below. At the end she only wears the mask over a thin black silk scarf covering the entire head. Then they come off as well. Jake looks at Jenny totally nude. None of them says a word. Jenny removes Jake's clothes and they kiss for a minute. Then Jenny puts the black silk scarf on again and they make love. For the first time Jake starts speaking

"You look wonderful Jenny. Much better than I remembered from Canada, but there I never saw you completely naked of course."

"Thank you darling," Jenny says "I'm so happy we are finally legally married. Now it's no more business partners or lying to Ahmed. And thank you for the wonderful dress. I didn't think anything could match the feeling of a silk scarf on my face, but the soft leather of the mask, has nearly made me change my mind. I love only seeing a tiny blurred slice of the world. Perhaps you'll hear me two minutes more later tonight. And then in a week you'll see me ag..."

The beeper sounds.


It's late when Jake wakes the next morning. He and Jenny spoke several times during the night. After a long bath he enters the living room, where the table is laid for breakfast for one. As he sits down he hears the kitchen door and soon fresh coffee and freshly toasted bread is served. But the coffee and the toast are brought by two maids. Or two women looking identical in a long black gown with white apron and white gloves. Their heads are completely covered by a black silk scarf with a little white maid cap on top. After pouring coffee and putting toast on Jake's plate one stands opposite Jake with her hands folded in her lap and her head bowed, and the other takes a similar position at the end of the table next to Jake. Of course none of them says a word as Jake surprised looks from one to the other and back. Then Jake says looking from one to the other

"I assume one of you is Jenny. Jenny please sit down and have breakfast with me." The woman opposite Jake sits down, but shakes her head. Jake says facing her

"Are you Jenny?"

She nods. Jake continues

"I know you like to serve me and a maids costume is very appropriate, but who is she?" Jenny points to her apron and her cap. Jake says

"She is a maid. Have you hired a maid for our honeymoon?"

Jenny points to Jake's plate and cup, then she gets up and points to her crotch making an obscene movement of her hips. Jake smiles and eats his breakfast enjoying the sight of the unmoving 'maid' sitting in front of him and her copy next to him. From time to time a small gesture to the maid standing brings butter or cheese close to his plate or fills his cup. He ends his meal by saying

"I'm filled. What now?"

While the maid standing starts clearing the table, the woman opposite him walks around the table and puts her faceless head down to his chin. Caressing his face with her silk scarf, she makes him get up and holds him tight. Tightly embraced they walk to the bedroom. Jenny just lifts her dress to reveal black stockings and panties. The panties are removed, and few hours after their last lovemaking they do it again. It's still an immense pleasure to both of them. A little later Jenny says

"One of the maids from last night I've hired to stay with us permanently. She will do house chores, when I don't like to do it, or together with me. She can clean your private room as well. We will often dress identically, when I just want to serve you. But as she won't have sex with you, she will never speak to you or show any skin to you or male guests. You may order her to do anything except undressing. And much later, if we both like her and want to have a closer relationship with her, we can hire a new one, and you can marry her. Now that we are muslims, like Mohammed, you can have four faceless ..."

The beeper sounds.

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