A Gift from Ali Ahmed for Noor

by A. K. U.

A Gift from Ali Ahmed for Noor 1


This Story belongs to Noorjahan, who lives with her husband Ali Ahmed. They live in Zula, a small town in central Eritrea. It is situated near the head of Annesley Bay on the Red Sea coast, four kilometers away from the archeological site of Adulis, which were an emporium and the port of Axum. Ali was a businessman who had his own oil wells in the town. They loved each other very much. As they were Muslim they also respect their modesty for the Quran. Noorjahan always covered by wearing a niqab, no one could see her from top to bottom accept her husband Ahmed Ali.

The time that Ali travelled for a business trip to the Netherlands for twenty days, Noorjahan was totally alone at her place with her maid who took care of her. This was a normal situation in her life for the past five years of their marriage. Still, both of them were not yet thinking about starting a family. That fact didn't mean that they never had sex with each other, but they practiced ‘safe sex’ using western ideas when doing so. Ali was thinking about the future and growth of his business. Ali loved Noorjahan more than anything in the world. To him she was very special with her small green colored eyes. Her cheeks were round and a little bit fluffy, looking good. Due to her wearing a niqab nobody except Ali knew how she looked. Noorjahan's looks were so beautiful that if anyone would see her then the person would never move their eyes away, that's Why Noorjahan used to wear full niqab. Ali was fully mental for touch her body but Noorjahan restricted how much he could touch her. Noorjahan was also far more talkative than Ali would have liked.

In The Netherlands Ali met with his brother Rasid, who took him to his home. Both of the brothers enjoyed their time with each other reviewing their past memories. One night while having dinner, being served by a maid and his sister-in-law standing on the opposite side of the room Ali said to his friend

“Sorry but want to ask something to you"

"What do you want to ask?"

"All through dinner your wife, my sister-in-law has not moved her hands."

After a thinking of a reply Rasid said “You don't know anything about modesty and restriction in our religion?"

"No” Ali replied.

Rasid informed his brother about everything that he had applied to his wife for restriction.

“Thank you Rasid for your information regarding modesty.”

With Ali liking what his brother had told him, the next day the brothers went shopping for modesty clothing and accessories for Noorjahan, Rasid taking Ali to a shop in Nijmegen that sold modesty clothing, where he bought many outfits for his wife. A few days, after he had concluded his business Ali began to make his way back home. All the time he had been away he had not called Noorjahan at all.

One day Noorjahan’s phone rang, it was Ali “Noor I Miss you a lot.”

“I miss you to" she replied. “So how's your business going? Were the contract negotiations successful?"

“No darling! They are still in process. When I receive the contract I will share it with you first" Ali said.

"I'm getting bored without you. When do you think you will be home?" she asked.

“As soon as possible I will be in Zula and you will be in my arms.”

As he says this Noor hears the doorbell ring.

“Hold on a minute darling” she says. “There is somebody at the door.”

Noorjahan opens the door and find Ali standing there, a big smile on his face.

"Oh! Ali . . .” she screams, tears filling her eyes with happiness “I’ve missed you a lot. Why didn’t you call me at all in these twenty days?”

“Noor I had lots of work to do in The Netherlands. I barely had time to eat let alone make telephone calls" he told her. “I missed your home cooking a lot."

"Okay! Go freshen up it while I prepare us something to eat."

Within half an hour Noorjahan had prepared the food for her husband.

“Ali your meal is ready. Come eat it while it’s hot” Noorjahan calls to Ali.

“Yes Darling Coming" he calls from the bedroom.

Now both are eating and maid serving the food for both of them.

After the meal Noor asks “How was it."

"Really tasty" Ali says patting his stomach.

"So what you have brought for me?" Noor asks, knowing that he always brings her a present after one of his trips.

"Don't worry. There are a lot of things for you darling" the grinning Ali tells his wife.

They move to their bedroom and Ali asks the maid to come to the room to prepare Noor.

“I have bought a new dress for you. We will celebrate the signing of the contract of five million dollars.

As they reach the bedroom Ali orders Noorjahan to have a shower. Within few minutes Noorjahan has showered and leaves the bathroom and sees that both Ali and the maid are ready to prepare her for the party.

“So My Darling there is a dress for you, after wearing that dress you are totally under my control.”

In reply Noor says “Really? Then I like it."

She removes the bathrobe she is wearing and the maid takes the black colored latex catsuit in her hands.

Noor asks “What it this?”

In reply Ali informs her “It is a catsuit which covers the whole of your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.”

Meanwhile Maid dries Noor’s body and applies the powder to it then hands the suit to her to put on.

"Why do you want me to wear this catsuit?” Noor asks.

“To take control of all your senses, speaking, hearing and seeing. Not only that, it will help to keep you modest as a good Muslimah should be kept."

She pushes first one leg then the other into the catsuit and slowly, very slowly, pulls it up her body until it reaches her neck. Now she can see that her whole body is covered in black and the suit shows her every curve completely. Each and every part of her body is displayed by the catsuit. The maid has now picked up a pair of black colored gloves without finger like mittens which she pulls over Noor’s hands and the sleeves of the suit. With the mittens on Noor cannot move her fingers separately, they are joined tightly with each other. Now Noorjahan is getting a feeling of tightness of the suit to her body and she understands more about her body vibration. The maid has pulled one of Noor’s hands behind her back.

"What you are doing now?” she asks.

“Preparing you for arm modesty. This will keep your hands out of trouble.”

With tears in her eyes Noor asks her husband “Why you are doing this?”

“Don’t cry darling, I have just informed you that I want to control on you with complete modesty”

The maid has taken hold of another item, a pair of handcuffs. There is no chain between each cuff and both sides were round in shape, which the maid closed around her wrists. This had the effect of keeping her hands close together behind her. The pain increases until she was crying.

“Ali, it’s hurting a lot. Please remove it now. I’m requesting you remove it”

"Sorry, my dear. I understand that you are getting pain in your body but don't worry, you will get used to this soon."

Then he picked out another rubber item and put over her hands. This is called an arm-binder, after it is applied the pain increases further.

“Now, what you have put onto my hands?"

“An arm-binder” Ali tells her. “It ties both of your hands and arms into one bag. Same like that two swords do not fit into one scabbard. So I understand it too hard for you. This is now locked and no one can remove it. See the key of your first lock on this key chain and the handcuffs also."

She cries again “Please remove it. It’s too painful”.

Ali places a corset to her abdomen and as he pulls on the lace it gets tighter, squeezing her waist. The size of her abdomen was twenty-eight inches and after Ali finished tightening the corset Noor’s waist had been reduced to twenty-three inches which made it hard for her to breathe. Ali now added a belt to her waist to which he attached the arm-binder and locked them together.

“Now, Dear, This is second key of your locks.”

“What more are you going do to do to me?” Noor again asked with tears in her eyes.

“Next I will be putting a blindfold on you, cutting out all sight”. As he said this he showed her the blindfold. “After the blindfold I will fit you with this large rubber gag with pad which will stop you from speaking. Then, last but not least, I will fit you with earplugs which make you deaf. But don't worry, they are fitted with a speaker but it depends on me then you will able to hear."

Noor stood silently, shaking her head.

“I will then enclose your head in a hood attached to the catsuit then lock it with something called a neck corset to your neck. But before that there are boots that will reach your thighs with eight inch high heels and two inch platform soles. They lace up and the locking pads will prevent removal.”

With this statement, he started lacing the boots and after tying each lace closed the locks.

Ali said “Wow! You look wonderful darling."

"They’re too high. I can't stand or balance in them." Noor complained.

"You’ll just have to learn todo it won’t you? Now I’ll have the maid put the chains between your legs, which join both of the locks on your new boots. They control the length of your stride to a maximum of four inches.”

The maid took two chains of three and four inches in length. She put the four inch chain between Noor’s ankles and the three inch one between her calves.

“See my darling there are now four more keys on my keychain belonging to your legs. So now the modesty of your legs will be completed by this set of cuffs which I am going to put on your legs above your knees."

“No. Please take it off of my body. It's hurts too much. Please Ali please."

"You will get used to it soon” Ali stated. “It is an important part of your modesty suit."

As Noorjahan had started to speak, Ali had taken her head in his hands and started to kiss her on the lips in front of the maid, this being the pre-arranged signal for the maid to apply the blindfold. She picked it up and placed it over Noorjahan's eyes. Now Noorjahan was completely blind because it covered her face from above her eyebrows to the bridge of her nose. The Maid was also ready to gag her but before that she pressed the earplugs into her ears, leaving the speaker on so she could listen.

Ali broke the kiss and the maid had didn't waste time, as soon as possible she put the gag in Noor’s mouth. She had put large gag completely in her mouth and put her lips between the ball gag and pad. That done she pulled the strap very tightly behind her head in such a way she wasn’t able to move her lips. Then she was locked both gag and the blindfold.

“Absolutely sorry my dear, but I have locked you into silence and blindness. And two more keys are added to my keychain. You know that I have locked both your blindfold and gag with small padlocks. And now I’m going to place a hood over your head so that from top to bottom you are totally black and totally under my control. But there is one problem for you. There is only one hole for breathing which comes between both of your nostrils. So it's too hard for you to inhale."

And finally hood had been pulled over her head then zipped up and locked to the catsuit.

“Wow! How nice you are looking now in this bondage. I like how you are bound in this way. No one can open you from this still I want. From now onward only one time each day, in the evening, will the gag be removed so you can join me for dinner. For the rest of the day you will remain as you are now.”

She nodded her head, signaling about removing for a dress from her body.

"I'm still feeling that your dress is incomplete” he whispered to her ear. “I think I have to place one more hood on your head and then lock it. Mmmm . . . should I put you into a rubber or leather one? I think it must be a rubber one so it's small and tight for you. It's best to put a rubber hood on your face having two holes so it restricts your breathing even further. As the hood on your face has one hole for breathing, when I had put the second hood over it, it’s very hard for you".

Ali put the rubber hood over the top of the one already covering her head which, as he had told her it would, made it harder for her to breathe. He had places the wide and heavy posture collar to her neck and locks it at the back.

“So now you are fully under my control”. Ha, ha he laughs.

Noorjahan is still struggling to stand in bondage. As she found that Ali was happy with this, she was also happy. Still, the pain of her body made her cry. Meanwhile she was thinking about when she was released from this bondage.

“So My dear, I hope you like my gift to you?” Ali said to his wife “I am never going to release you from this modesty for discipline. And above this, you will wear your usual dress and burqa. I hope you enjoy your new lifestyle.”

With those words Ali kissed her rubber covered head at about where he thought her lips might be and turned off the sound to the earplugs. Now Noorjahan was fully cut off from the world because she was blind, deaf and mute.

A Gift from Ali Ahmed for Noor 2